English Avyakt Murli 01/02/71

2/08/09 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 01/02/71

The method to receive the crown and tilak and to be seated on the heart-throne.

BapDada is happy to see all the children, because He is seeing each one wearing a crown and seated on a throne numberwise. Do you see yourself as one who is wearing a crown and seated on a throne? How many types of crown do you have, and how many types of throne do you have? How many crowns do you have? (21 crowns for 21 births.) Do you have any crowns at the present time, or can you only see the 21 crowns? The crown of the present time enables you to claim many other crowns. So, do you see yourself wearing a crown now? How many crowns have you worn? Countless! How many crowns does the Pandava Army have? (Two.) Is it right that the Shaktis have many crowns and the Pandavas have two? If you are not wearing a crown at the present time, how would you claim a crown in the future? BapDada is making all the children wear a crown and is seating them on a throne at this time. If you are seated on a throne, you would also be wearing a crown. How many thrones are there? At the present time, you are seated on the heart-throne and the immortal throne anyway. By being seated on the immortal throne, you also wear the crown of the light of purity at the present time, and, by being seated on the heart-throne, that is, by being a server, you also wear the crown of responsibility. So, now, each of you should check yourself to see for how long you wear both crowns and are seated on both thrones. All of you have received the crown and the throne, but for how long you wear the crown or are seated on the throne is dependent on your own individual effort. Some have very little experience of wearing a physical crown, so they take it off again and again. However, this throne and crown are so simple and easy that you can wear the crown and be seated on the throne at every moment. When someone is seated on a throne, the workers in the court work according to his orders. If he leaves the throne, those same workers will not work under his orders. So, in the same way, when you take off the crown or get off the throne, your physical organs do not listen to your orders. When you are seated on the throne, those same physical organs say, “Yes, my lord”. Therefore, always pay attention to never letting go of the crown or the throne. Constantly remember the perfect image of your wearing the crown and seated on the throne. By your remembering them, none of the many, different images that would have been created, will be created. In one day, one can see pictures of the many changing forms of each one. So keep a picture of your perfect form in front of you. By wearing a crown and being seated on the throne, you will automatically have intoxication and also have the target in front of you. The crown and the throne remind you of the intoxication and the target. So never let go of your crown or throne. The more experienced and practised you become in wearing the crown and being seated on the throne here, the longer you will be able to wear a crown and be seated on a throne there. If you wear the crown or sit on the throne for a temporary period, the crown and throne you receive there will be for a very short time. The practice of the present time is giving each of you a vision of your future. If, even now, you simply become happy on seeing others wearing the crown and being seated on the throne, you will simply have to observe it there too. Therefore, wear the crown and sit on the throne all the time. Will you receive such a crown or throne again? You can only receive it now. Even after a cycle, you will only receive it at this time. If not now, then never!

What would you do if, while you are sitting at home, someone comes to give you a crown or a throne? Baba has come as the Guest to the home of souls. He has come to give you the gifts of a crown and a throne while you are sitting at home. Where do you go when you leave aside the crown and the throne? Do you know? Does Maya have any place of residence? Do all of you also say that she is omnipresent, or, is it that she exists everywhere other than where you are? How many times in 63 births would you have given a place to Maya? You have probably seen the result of that many times too. What would you say if someone repeats doing the same thing, even after having had the experience of it many times? It is shown that some put aside their crown and their throne and go away into a jungle. So, here, too, you go into the jungle of thorns. There is so much difference between a throne and a jungle of thorns. Which do you prefer? According to their discipline, devotees or those who decorate the idols apply a tilak on their forehead after first bathing or washing. A tilak is applied as a decoration or as part of worship or as a sign of being married. So, in the same way, at amrit vela, you bathe yourself in knowledge and decorate yourself with knowledge, and so you should also give yourself the tilak of this consciousness. However, at amrit vela, you forget to give yourself this tilak of consciousness. If someone puts a tilak on you, you wipe it off. Many have the habit of rubbing their forehead and wiping off the tilak. One moment a tilak would be applied and the next moment they would rub it off. It is the same here. Some forget to put on a tilak, and others put it on and then rub it off. They do both the tasks of applying it and then rubbing it off. So, constantly keep with you at all times the tilak of the consciousness given at amrit vela, and then the sign of being married, the decoration and of being a yogi will constantly be visible on your forehead. When people see a tilak on the forehead of devotees they can tell that they are devotees. In the same way, the tilak of your consciousness will be so clearly visible to everyone that they will instantly realise that you are yogi souls. So, always keep the tilak, the crown and the throne with you. Do not rub off the tilak. You call yourselves master almighty authorities, and so do those who are master almighty authorities not know how to wear a crown or sit on a throne? Always remember just two things while performing actions, and you will develop the practice of catching the thoughts of someone else’s mind. Just as you can easily catch something spoken through the lips so, you will easily be able to catch the thoughts of the mind. However, this will only be possible when you come close to being the same as the Father. When two people are similar in their nature, they are easily able to catch the feelings of one another. So, here, too, by coming close to being the same as the Father, you will be able to catch the thoughts of someone’s mind, as though they are words spoken through the lips. However, your own thoughts should not be mixed in that. It is essential to have controlling power over your own thoughts. Just as people have different levels of controlling power over external things, in the same way, it is numberwise in being able to control the activity of the thoughts of the mind. There are two aspects to this; what are they?

Firstly, while performing every action at every second, constantly keep in your consciousness that you are on a stage. By paying attention to your every action, you will continue to come closer to your perfect stage. Secondly, always keep in your consciousness your status of the present and the future. So, one is the stage and the other is the status. By constantly having both these things in your consciousness, you will never perform any action that is wrong and not according to your status. Together with that, while considering yourself to be on stage, you will receive inspirations to perform elevated actions. Constantly continue to keep both these aspects in your consciousness. Achcha. Have you come from far away or has BapDada come from far away? Although the speed may be fast, who is the furthest away? You have travelled here and BapDada has also travelled here. This is why we are all travellers. It is just that, whereas there is tiredness in your travels, BapDada is tireless in His travels. To become a Madhuban niwasi is also a sign of great, great fortune in the drama, because Madhuban is the land of blessings. So, you have come to the land of blessings. The other is the land of effort, whereas this is the land of blessings. So, each of you can claim as many blessings as you wish from the Bestower of Blessings and the souls who have been made instruments by the Bestower of Blessings. How will you claim blessings from the elevated souls who are the instruments? Do you know this account? In Madhuban, you receive blessings. The atmosphere of Madhuban is filled with blessings. It is the land of pure, divine activity, but how will you claim blessings from the elevated souls who are the instruments? There is less effort involved in blessings. In the temples, the guides take the pilgrims in front of the idols of goddesses in order for them to receive blessings. So, you are also guides. How will you enable the pilgrims to receive blessings? What is the method to receive blessings? You receive blessings from the elevated souls, because, since they are the instruments, you easily receive inspirations by seeing their every action. When you see anything in a physical form, you are easily able to imbibe that. Anything that has to be thought about with the intellect is imbibed a lot later. Here, too, those who saw sakar Baba find it easy to remember Baba. It is slightly difficult to remember the form of a point. In the same way, when you see the practical actions of the service, renunciation, love and co-operation between each of the elevated souls who are instruments, you easily receive inspiration in the form of a blessing. So, before you go from Madhuban, the land of the Bestower of Blessings, claim the blessing of being an easy karma yogi from every elevated soul. You just say that the only difficult thing is to stay in remembrance while performing actions. So, when you see the instrument souls performing actions and also maintaining the dharna of these virtues, you easily receive the inspiration to become a karma yogi. So, do not miss out on any of these blessings. While claiming all the blessings you too will become a master bestower of blessings. Achcha.

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