English Avyakt Murli 05/03/70

Avyakt BapDada 5th March 1970

How do you wish to celebrate Shiv Jayanti? To meet is to celebrate. People celebrate in order to meet, and you children consider the meeting to be the celebration.

When bhagats offer water or milk to God, the meaning is that they are about to make a promise. They offer water to the sun and make a promise internally. Then they go and surrender themselves to the deities. Those who are firm bhagats bow down completely in front of them: they totally surrender themselves. When anyone comes to you, you must make them make a promise “from today we will belong to Shiv Baba alone”. When they become strong and firm, you make them sacrifice themselves completely.

At present you take time and effort to make others sacrifice themselves, but in a short time there will be a queue of those who want to sacrifice themselves. They are not queuing up now. There is a reason for this. What queue do children have at present? A queue of questions is formed of wasteful thoughts. The question mark is the most twisted symbol, so the queue of questions is very long. Only after you finish this queue will there be perfection. Then there will be that queue.

In Madhuban the Pandav Army has a special responsibility, so there should now be power in that army. If there is power in Pandav Bhavan then not even devilish thoughts will be able to enter, let alone the devilish community. You have to keep guard to that extent. Just as you look after this gate, in the same way look after the gate of Maya. Then Pandav Bhavan will become a house of magic. No matter what kind of souls come here, they will become liberated from their devilish sanskars and wasteful thoughts. This will become such a house of magic that it will make others free from vicious thoughts. When you do such service there will be revelation. People will come running as soon as they hear something from others. As time progresses, sorrow and anxiety will increase, and each soul will be thirsty for happiness and comfort. As soon as such thirsty souls enter Pandav Bhavan they will experience happiness and comfort in one second. Only then will there be impact. Each of you will become the image that grants visions, similar to a living idol. Thirsty souls will come from far, far away to have visions of each jewel. But only when you start keeping guard in that way.

The Pandav army has to be an example that inspires anyone who sees you. Anyone who comes to Madhuban should see how there are so many, united and lost in the deep love of One, stable and in a constant stage. When they see such a scene, the signs of revelation will be visible. The promises of all of you will bring about revelation.

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