English Avyakt Murli 05/11/70

Avyakt BapDada 5th November 1970

Can each of you see your light and might? Do you have the power of discrimination? Are you still making effort, or are you an image that grants visions? What vision would your bhagats have if they came in front of you now? It should be a vision of the perfect stage, but would you be able to grant them that vision? Or would they have a vision of the fluctuation in your effort?

Consider that your photograph is being taken every second, by the camera of the drama. At the time of taking a photograph you must pay attention to everything. This photograph will be remembered in the form of some divine activity. And the images of the different stages of the present time will be worshipped in different forms.

When you perform a drama on the stage, and visualise it, you pay so much attention. In the same way, consider yourself to be playing a part on the unlimited stage. “The vision of the souls of the entire world is directed towards me”.

Remember the slogan: “to delay is dangerous”. If you delay in anything, there will be that much delay in the right to the fortune of the kingdom.

The majority of you complain that storms of waste thoughts create obstacles to becoming complete. So fix appointments for what you have to do throughout the day, to keep your mind busy at all times. Then waste thoughts will not have any time in-between to disturb you. Your time will be used in a worthwhile way.

There are four things in which you have to appoint your mind:

‘Milan’ is to meet, that is to have a heart to heart conversation with Baba. ‘Vernan’ is to speak, that is service.‘Lagan’ is to have love: you spend a lot of time in developing this love. ‘Magan’ is to be merged in love: you only stay merged for a short time….Have you become master almighty authorities? When you are that, you have passed, and will never then fail in any aspect. Are you ever susceptible to feeling sensitive? Are you feeling- proof? A master almighty authority is beyond feeling sensitive, and is full in all aspects, such as knowledge-full. To the extent that someone becomes full, accordingly he will finish all the flaws and the flu. Flawless means full.

Are all of you a master almighty authority? Those who did not raise your hands are also master almighty authority, because you have made the Almighty Authority Father belong to you, in all relationships. When you have such a great practical example, why don’t you know and accept yourself?If you constantly have this practical example in front of you then it is easy to become a conqueror of Maya. Do you understand? Since you have forged all relationships with the one Father, what else remains? When there is nothing remaining, to where will the intellect be drawn? If the intellect is wandering here and there, it shows that you have not forged all relationships with the One.

You are in a bhatthi: you have come to check to what extent your battery is charged, and to charge it. All of you are the valuable, serviceable, workers group. However there is a “but” to it. BapDada sees the actions of the workers from the subtle region. Sometimes you perform a very wonderful circus. It is worth seeing the parts that you play in this circus. Sometimes the workers show their fearsome form, but instead of adopting a fearsome form on their weaknesses, you show the circus of the fearsome form over others. Sometimes you show the other circus of swinging in the swing of waste thoughts, instead of in the swing of supersensuous joy. Thirdly the majority of you show the circus of changing your stage and your form.

You have to finish the desire for reward. Instead of the word “desire” remember the word “good”. Desire finishes cleanliness, and you become a worrier. Workers are doers, not worriers.

BapDada has hope in you, but for success you must gain the power of tolerance. The sign of closeness to perfection is success. Put this slogan in front of you: “purity is the prosperity of the confluence age”. “Purity is prosperity”. There is so much detail in purity. The teachers will give you a class on what purity is, and with what yuktis you can imbibe it.

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