English Avyakt Murli 11/02/71

16/08/09 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 11/02/71

Service through the vehicle of the inner body.

Can you calculcate how far you can go in one second? When a person dies, he goes so far away within one second. When you speak of the vehicle of the body within, what do you mean? What is the meaning of the saying, “You used to travel around with the vehicle of the body within”? This praise is not just of those who have divine vision, but it is also of all of you. Those people have their own meaning of the vehicle of the body within, but the accurate meaning is that your final karmateet stage at the end is like a vehicle. You travel around in one or another vehicle; you can go from one place to another very far away. In the same way, when you attain your karmateet stage, then because of this stage, you are able to travel very far away within one second. This is why it is said, the vehicle of the body within. In fact, it is the praise of the final stage. At that time, you are beyond the consciousness of the physical form, and this is why they have even called it the subtle body, just as there is the saying about the flying horse. So it is the experience of your present time that has been related in the form of stories. When you give an order to go somewhere, it would take you there within one second. Do you have this experience? Nowadays, science is trying to speed everything up to be quick. They are making as much effort as possible for greater success through less time. In the same way, you are all also trying to increase the speed in everything. The more someone’s speed increases, the closer he will come to the final stage. Through your speed, you reach your stage. You can recognise your stage from your speed.

All of you are now making plans to celebrate the greatest festival of Shiv Ratri. So, what newness have you thought of? (We will hoist flags.) You may hoist a flag at your own centres, but also hoist the flag of the revelation of the Father in the heart of each soul. That will only happen when the embodiment of power is revealed. You can only reveal the One with all powers through your being an embodiment of power. An embodiment of power means to be a destroyer and one with all the ornaments. Before you go onto a stage, you first of all prepare your internal stage very well and then go onto the stage, and, through this, people have a vision of your internal stage. Just as you make all other preparations, in the same way, check that you are going onto the stage as someone who has adopted all the ornaments. Both forms of a lighthouse and a ‘mighthouse’ should be in an emerged form. Only when you are both these forms will you be able to be a good guide. When you say “Father” that word should be filled with so much love and power that it works like the ointment of knowledge, that it makes orphans into those who belong to the Lord. Fill just this one word with so much power. At the time when you go onto a stage, firstly let your stage be that of mercy, secondly, have feelings of benefit, thirdly, your words should be filled with love, and fourthly, let there be the sparkle of power in your form. Make your awareness and your stage so powerful that you think you have come to grant a vision of the Father through yourself to your devotees who have been calling out for a long time. In this way, you can reveal the Father through your spiritual form, your spiritual vision and your attitude of bringing benefit. Do you understand what you have to do? You must not just make preparations for lectures, but make such preparations for a lecture that through that lecture you give the experience of the stage of going beyond words (sound). You have been paying greater attention to preparing for the lectures and less attention to staying in the consciousness of the form of spiritual attraction. Therefore, this time, you have to make greater preparations for this. You must stamp everyone’s heart with the stamp of a relationship with the Father. Achcha.

What service will those of Madhuban do? BapDada is especially giving Madhuban residents an invitation to the subtle region. You will be able to see the service taking place everywhere when you come to the subtle region. Baba will especially take you on a tour in the evening from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Just as the trance messengers were taken on a tour of all the places, in the same way, Baba will take the Madhuban residents on a tour of the service at all the places. What more do you want when you can go on a tour without any effort? Therefore, on this day, if the Madhuban residents consider themselves to be residents of the subtle region, and stay beyond the consciousness of the physical body, they will have many experiences. You can then relate the experiences you have to Baba. If, on this day, you make even a little effort, you will easily receive the blessing of having various, unique experiences. Do you understand? Have a special yoga programme from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. In fact, you are being given an invitation for the whole day, but this is the special time for going on a tour. At this time, each of you will be able to have experiences according to your capacity. Madhuban residents are especially loving, and Baba is therefore giving you a special invitation. Simply use your intellect to become detached from the consciousness of the body, and you will then have whatever experiences you are to have according to the drama. Visions are common things for trance messengers, but you can have such experiences even with your intellect. It will be as clear as though it is an experience seen through your eyes. Achcha.

With the Teachers:

What should this group be called? (Speakers’ Group.Speakers are those who give a speech. As well as speech, is there also speed? Because, together with speech, when there is speed in effort, then, through the influence of those who give speeches, there can be benefit for the world. If your speech is without speed, it would be difficult for there to be benefit for the world. So you can say that this is the group of those who give speeches and who move with speed. Those whose speech is powerful and whose speed is also powerful are called world benefactors, master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness. So, are you engaged in such a task? Those who are removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness are themselves beyond the waves of this world, and their speech will also be that which takes others beyond the waves of sorrow. Do you give a speech while remaining stable in such a stage? A speech is always given while standing on a stage. So, on what stage do you stand when you give a speech? On the external stage? When a speaker has to go onto a physical stage he first has to check whether his internal stage is ready or not. Those who give speeches while remaining in such a stage are called elevated speakers. Just as you give so much time to preparing a physical stage, do you make just as much effort in the same way to make sure that your internal stage remains just as ready? What is the memorial in Abu of those who give speeches while remaining stable in such a powerful stage? (Dilwala Temple.) The Dilwala temple is a memorial of the pilgrimage of remembrance. Have you not seen the Gaumukh (mouth of the cow)? What is the Gaumukh the memorial of? It is the memorial of the mouth, just as the memorial of the Father is Gaumukh, because He clarifies everything through the mouth. This is why there is the memorial of the mouth. A speaker has to work through the mouth, but in such a way that you give a speech while in an elevated stage. You should constantly have an ever-ready stage. It shouldn’t be that you have to prepare it at that time. When you have an ever-ready stage, the impression of that is very good. This is why Baba asked if you were influential. Should this group be called the influential group? Will everyone give this certificate? (It is a good group.) If you give this certificate, they will also be those who satisfy everyone. You are jewels of contentment, are you not? Do you say “yes” to this? If you yourselves are jewels of contentment you will be able to make others content. Teachers are also given a paper. How? (Their paper will come from the subtle region.) A teacher takes a paper at every step. Whatever step you take, always think that you are sitting in the examination hall and taking that step. A speaker means one who is sitting on a stage. Everyone’s vision is on those who are sitting in front of them on the stage. All of you are also sitting on an elevated stage. The vision of many souls is on the steps you take. So you have to take every step with such attention. If you take even one step out of line, or fluctuate a little, many others will follow you. Therefore, whatever steps you teachers take, you have to take them after careful consideration, because you are wearing a crown, are you not? What crown have you received? The crown of responsibility. The greater the responsibility you have, the bigger the crown. So, since you have received such a huge responsibility, you must take every step while considering yourself to be an instrument. You must not be careless now. Carelessness finishes when you are wearing a crown and are seated on a throne. Carelessness means carelessness in effort. This group should always think that, whatever step you take or action you perform, it should remain an example to the world, because your actions will become memorials in the form of stories. These activities of yours will become worthy of praise. Do you move along while considering yourself to be responsible to this extent? This is the speciality of the group that is responsible. To the extent that you remain responsible, accordingly, you will also remain light. Achcha.

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