English Avyakt Murli 11/06/70

Avyakt BapDada 11th June 1970

Today is the day of the Satguru. What day is it for the kumaris today? The day of the imperishable omens of becoming the lords of the world. So what ingredients has BapDada brought for this ceremony? The Crown, the throne and the tilac. Do you have the courage to adopt all three? What will you have to do in order to wear the crown, sit on the throne, and apply the tilac? The crown is renunciation, the tilac is tapasya, and the more you do service, the more you will be seated on the throne at the present time, and also in the future.

What must you renounce? The consciousness of “I”. You also have to renounce the arrogance of the self that develops after coming into knowledge. Only then will BapDada remain constantly in your consciousness. Only then will you become lords of the world and service the world.

Remain simple, and consider yourself a sample. Have you made yourself into an elevated sample? What is your trade mark? Shiv Shaktis and Brahma Kumaris. In the corporeal form the two special instrument souls are applying the stamp of the highest quality. You may die but you will never be defeated. Shiv Shaktis die (sacrifice themselves), they are not defeated.

You must now think that you will quickly cut away all your karmic bonds and come back to Madhuban to celebrate the ceremony of total surrender. We will see how many from this group come back as a great sacrifice. BapDada will decorate you very beautifully, and you then have to sacrifice yourselves. You have to become co-operative with BapDada to the same extent that you are loving with him.

Whatever power is missing in yourself, you must fill yourself with that before you return. You must not take any weaknesses back with you. You are now just going back to settle your accounts. Only when you return having filled yourself with all the powers will you be able to settle everything. Achcha.


Do you experience the avyakt stage? When there is experience of the avyakt stage, the effect of that lasts a long time. The experience of the avyakt stage is a powerful one. As much as possible remove yourself from the corporeal stage, and stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage. Whilst in this stage there is less effort and greater attainment.

See the avyakt stage in front of you, and make effort to become that. “As is the Father, so are the children”. There shouldn’t be any difference. You have to remove any difference by becoming introverted. Does Baba ever become disappointed? Is he ever afraid of the situations? So why are the children afraid?

You have to become complete with love. One who has love has no consciousness of anything else. Since you have already died, why should anything be difficult? You have died haven’t you? Those who are dead are burnt. The more you die from yourself, the more you will meet the avyakt form.

Everything is merged in you: you just have to reveal it. You have to reveal your sanskars of the previous kalpa that are merged. Constantly keep your image of perfection and your forms of the future twenty-one births in front of you. Keep the images in the temple of your mind, and clearly in front of you. Then your thoughts will not be drawn anywhere else.

What are the qualifications of a close bead? The closer someone is to another, the more equality there will be in their sanskars. So to be close to BapDada means to become closer in your qualifications. The more you check, the quicker you will be able to change. Keep your original form in your consciousness. By keeping your original form of satyug, and your original form of being dead whilst alive, in your consciousness, the stages in between will become merged.

Are you just loving or are you co-operative also? What is given in return to those you have love for? The return of love is co-operation. When will you give that? Just as Baba is teh all- powerful one, the children also have to be master all-powerfull. If, as well as having love, you become co-operative before destruction, you will claim a right to the inheritance. Although all souls will recognise God at the time of destruction, they will not be able to claim the inheritance, because they will not be able to become co-operative.

Are karmic bonds more powerful than Godly bonds? If you make the Godly bonds tight, the karmic bonds will automatically become loose. Bonds will be cut away by bonds: the more you tie yourself in the Godly bonds, the more you become free from the karmic bonds.

If you cannot stabilise yourself in the point form for a long period, then don’t waste your time in that. You will be able to do it when you first have the practice of pure, positive thoughts. Remove impure thoughts with pure, positive thoughts. If you can’t apply the brake, then steer around.

Bid farewell to Maya for all time. On the basis of knowledge, remove all obstacles, and constantly stay in the stage of being lost in love. Achcha.

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