English Avyakt Murli 11/07/70

Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 11/07/70

The degree of the confluence age and the reward of the future.

Today, BapDada is seeing what degree each student has attained from studying. What degree do you receive from this study? Are you yet to receive a degree or have you already received it? After you study you receive a degree; so what will you receive at this confluence age? The degree of the confluence age is the perfect angel, the avyakt angel, and the reward in the future is the deity status. So, the degree of the present time is the perfect avyakt angel. BapDada is seeing what the main qualifications for this degree are, and to what extent each student is qualified for it. The more qualified someone is, the more qualified he will make others too. Those who are qualified will create quality, whereas those who are not qualified will create quantity. So, today, BapDada is seeing the qualities of each of you. One has to see in which qualities each one is qualified. So here, in the main qualities, Baba is firstly checking to what extent you have become knowledge-full. Together with your being knowledge-full, Baba is also checking to what extent you are faithful, successful, powerful and serviceable. If you have all these qualities, you will receive the degree. So each of you has to check which qualities you have imbibed. To be knowledge-full means to have the full knowledge imbibed in the intellect. The more knowledge-full you are, the more successful you will be. If you are not so successful, it will be understood that knowledge is lacking. What is the reason for not being successful? You are not that faithful. To be faithful means to have faith in the intellect. Firstly, you have to have faith in the self, secondly, faith in BapDada and, thirdly, faith in all the souls of the entire family. When you are faithful and carry out any task having faith in the intellect, then, due to having faith in the intellect, there is victory, that is, because you are faithful, you automatically become successful. Every task, every thought and every word of such a soul will be powerful. Those who are qualified in this way can claim this degree. Do you know what happens if you do not attain the degree? What does a court issue? A decree (judgement). You will either receive a degree, or a decree will be issued. A decree will be issued for you to go to the land of Dharamraj. This is why you must make effort to claim the degree, and not be issued the decree. Those who are issued the decree will be ashamed. This is why you must constantly check to what extent you have become qualified. This was just the main qualification that was told to you, but there is a long list. There is also the word ‘full’ as a suffix to each quality. Faithful, powerful, etc., and so when you are full of everything in this way, you will receive the degree. All attain success anyway, but are you successful, are you powerful, or are you lacking a little of those? You have to check this. Those who are full in all these qualities will receive the degree of the perfect, avyakt angel. All of you have kept this aim, have you not? What is the present time? It is now a very delicate time. It is not the time to move along with any fragility. If you continue to move with fragility even during the delicate time, there will be a loss as a result, and therefore, you now have to become an image that destroys. You have to adopt a fearsome form. So, now, because the time is becoming more and more delicate day by day, you have to become an image that destroys. What do you have to destroy? Your own sanskars. You now have to adopt a fearsome form for your own sanskars, your own sinful actions and the sinful souls of the present time, and destroy all of those in a second. It is said of Shankar that he opened his eye and destruction took place in a second. This is the sign of the task of an image that destroys evil. By adopting your fearsome form, the drishti you give anyone should be able to destroy their sinful sanskars. So, now, you have to adopt a fearsome form for your own sinful actions and wasteful actions as well as for sinful souls. You must now not be a loving form, you must become the form of Kali. A fearsome form that destroys evil is needed now. These are the last moments. If you do not adopt the fearsome form even now, then you will not be able to confront either your sinful actions or sinful souls. It is now no longer a question of accommodating anything. You must not accommodate your sinful actions, wasteful thoughts or the sinful activity of sinful souls, but you have to destroy them. You now have to merge love and reveal the Shakti form. Shaktis have to adopt three things at the same time. One is the virtue of motherly love on the forehead, secondly, spirituality in their image, and, thirdly, there should be authority in their words. Each word should be such that it finishes the sinful actions and the sinful souls. What will happen when you have imbibed all these three at the same time? The sinful actions and the sinful souls will be destroyed. With the vision of the Shaktis, sinful souls will tremble in fear. Of what? Of their own sinful actions. So, now, become an image that destroys and quickly destroy everything. In some cases, you forget to destroy (sanhar) something while you are decorating yourself (shringar). You have put on many decorations; now you must destroy evil.

You each became a master Brahma, you carried out sustenance and also decorated yourself, but it is now the part for destroying evil. Together with the ornaments of the Shaktis and the challenge of the Shaktis, which activity of theirs is remembered? The jingle of the anklets. You have to wear anklets and dance on the devils. What happens when you dance in this way? Whatever you dance on will be finished and buried. The sign of fearlessness and destruction is the jingle of anklets. It isn’t that the Pandavas have not done this. Pandavas are also a form of shakti; both are included in the form of shakti. So all these three forms are now being carried out in a practical and revealed form. Now, weak ones are of no use. Weak ones do not go onto a battlefield, only brave, courageous ones go there. It is now the time to be revealed on the battlefield. Become the form of a brave, courageous Shakti and come to the front in a revealed form. What will happen when you are revealed in this way? There will be revelation: there will be the revelation of the Father and the children. The more you reveal yourself, the more revelation there will be. So, in order to glorify the Father, you have to reveal yourself. If, even now, you do not say “goodbye” to your own weaknesses, how would you become benefactors for the world? This is why you must now bid farewell to your own weaknesses; only then will you be able to become benefactors for the world. Achcha.

Meeting groups:

1. What is the special effort all of you are making at the present time? To give a message is an ordinary thing. In order to become a special soul, you have to carry out a special task. You now have to pay special attention to the special souls of the world. By paying attention to one special soul, the attention of many others will automatically be drawn. By paying attention to one special soul, that soul will not become special, but you will become special. By paying special attention, you will not waste any of your thoughts or your time. If you accumulate power in this way, you will easily be able to do special service. You now have to finish the old account book and create a new one. There is value for someone to the extent that he is qualified. Valuable things are never placed in an ordinary place; they are placed in a special place. So keeping the qualifications in front of you, continue to note down to what percentage you have become that. When you have reached 100 % per cent, the holy men will then bow down to you. When they bow down, the jingle of that will reach the ears of everyone far away. The meaning of accurate effort is that you make effort and receive the attainment of that at the same time. This confluence age has a special blessing of making you attain instant fruit. The fruit is also such that you make little effort and receive a great reward. So, knowing the speciality of the time, you have to bring about specialities in yourself. If any weakness remains, what is the sign of that weakness? The bow and arrow; if you do not perform wonders, you will receive a bow and arrow. If you miss out on attaining the fruit for even one second, you will not become full, but will come into the list of those who fail.

2. Delhi is called BapDada’s heart. Just as you are able to tell how healthy someone is by his heartbeat, in the same way, there will be the sound of completion from Delhi. Delhi is the mirror, and so those who are in Delhi have such a huge responsibility. The greater the crown of responsibility, the greater the golden-aged crown. That is called unlimited responsibility. Baba also used to carry out unlimited service while living in Madhuban. Each of you has an unlimited responsibility. What is an unlimited intellect like? To think of unlimited things, to have a relationship of love for the unlimited family and to consider all the places to be your own; such ones who do this are called the unlimited serviceable ones. Those who do limited service are not called serviceable.

3.Madhuban is called a safe. So, what are the jewels that remain in the safe? The most beautiful jewel of all is the jewel of the forehead. There are fewer jewels of the forehead and more jewels of the heart. The jewels that remain in a safe more are the jewels of the forehead. By carrying out your tasks while being yogyukt and having faith in the intellect, you achieve success anyway. If you have the thought in your intellect from the beginning, that, although you do something, you scarcely receive a reward for it, then this thought also reduces the percentage of faith. If you carry out something while having faith in the intellect, you will not fail. When you confront problems, you attain success. Obstacles will come, but you can destroy them with the fire of love. Achcha.

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