English Avyakt Murli 15/02/69

15-02-69         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

Avyakt BapDada’s elevated versions on Shiv Ratri
(spoken through the body of Santri Dadi)

Whose day of welcome is it today? (That of Baba and the children.) However, some children have forgotten themselves, and so they have also forgotten the Father. Today, it’s the same welcome as it used to be previously. Baba used to receive so many telegrams. (No one sent any telegrams after Baba became avyakt.) So you had forgotten the father, had you not? Since Baba exists all the time, till when will you continue to forget the Father? This is faith, this is study. Since the study is for all the time, that task will also continue as it has been. If there isn’t this faith, there will be fluctuation in the task also. Do children understand the status of whom they belong to? Since the Father exists all the time, so do the children. Baba says: All souls are brothers. Body consciousness makes you forget your original religion. How can the task continue if you keep on forgetting? How can you move forward? Since Baba has given His introduction, children have also received their own introduction. How much effort has been made to make this aim firm? Up to when will you continue to experience the fruits of that effort? Baba is telling you this simply to remind you.

Today, I haven’t come to speak the murli. I have come just to meet you children. The child said, “Baba, all the children are remembering you a lot. Baba, will You come? Will You refresh us? You are refreshed anyway if there is the faith. Even then, Baba had to come to meet the children for a little while. Baba has come to remind you of the awareness of self-respect. Children, always consider yourselves to be a hundred times fortunate. Someone who has deep love for and full connection with the Father, Teacher and Satguru is said to be a hundred times fortunate. What happens when a kumari gets married? She develops love for her husband and therefore she is called one who is always fortunate. (In this context, the word fortunate refers to always having a husband.) But for how long will she be always fortunate? What is inside her? A kumari is considered to be more elevated than a hundred brahmins. After she gets married, because she becomes impure, she is automatically considered to be unfortunate. No one knows this. Only Baba can tell you who is always fortunate. Someone who always has deep love for the Supreme Soul is considered to be always fortunate.

This is now the time for studying. Baba is carrying on with His task. Whilst giving you directions, He is also teaching you. He will continue to teach you for as long as He has to. Destruction is standing in front of you, and that is connected with the Father. Do not think that it is separate from the father. This isn’t a separation, nor is it saying good-bye. Until destruction takes place, Baba is with you. Baba has gone to the subtle region for a specific task. All that will continue to happen according to the time. There is no separation nor is there good-bye in this. Do you feel a separation? Did you give leave? If you had given leave to Baba, you would also feel a separation. As you did not give leave, you won’t feel a separation either. This part within the drama continues to be enacted. Baba’s game continues. The game within the game will continue. As you go further, you will have to witness many such games. Do you have such courage? When you maintain courage, you will be able to witness a lot more. You will have to witness a lot more in the future. But you must be very cautious at every step. If you are not cautious and you come across a hole, there may be an accident.

I have come to meet the children for a short time. A lot more has to be accomplished. I have to do a lot from the subtle region. I have to fulfill the desires of the children as well as of the devotees. All tasks take place at the confluence age. You have received Baba’s introduction and that is like a treasure store, a lottery. I have completed serving the children, now I have to serve everyone from the subtle region. There are real children and also step­children. I have to serve everyone. I came and gave everyone My introduction through drishti. It is Baba’s task to give you children a searchlight through drishti. Now, everyone has to serve in the museum. Give everyone Baba’s introduction. You have to do service using the pictures that Baba created for service. A mountain is lifted by giving a finger. This is remembered as the memorial of the gopes and gopis lifting the mountain. If you do not give a finger, the mountain will not be lifted. I have to uplift the souls here on this earth, lift the mountain and take them with Me. A group gets together. At the end, you will have to live together and form a group. First of all, you had a vision of something red and at that time you did not understand it, but now you know that it was a group of those souls. A programme is fixed in the drama to take them with Me. Everyone has to do service. Achcha. Wake up early in the morning and stay in Baba’s remembrance, because at that time, Baba remembers everyone. At that time, some children are not visible. Baba has to search for them. Even though you may remember Baba individually, you also have to be part of the gathering. The more you stay in remembrance, the closer you will come. You become confused by forgetting the Father. If you always keep the Father with you, you will not forget Him. Achcha.

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