English Avyakt Murli 18/01/70

Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1970

Why have you called Baba today? What is BapDada seeing today? In which form is Baba seeing each star? What speciality does he see in the stars? Baba is seeing the closeness of the perfection of each star. Do you all know how close you have come to perfection?

What did you remember throughout the day, today? Did you remember the physical form or the divine activity? Did you remember the One without an image? How far have you moved away from corporeal feelings to subtle feelings? If you have moved forward in your avyakt stage, your activity will be spiritual. To what extent have you become spiritual whilst living in this world? You have to check this.

Those who have become instruments are the support in a corporeal form. The corporeal support of this whole family is very elevated. Baba is with you in an avyakt form. The greater the love there is, the greater the co-operation your receive. To have love for the corporeal form means to have love for the whole genealogical tree. The corporeal form is not alone: together with Prajapita Brahma, there is the whole family.

You are the beads of a rosary, are you not? There isn’t just one bead in a rosary, but in one thread of remembrance the whole family is merged with love. You are the deity family in the future, but this Brahmin clan has greater importance. The more love and closeness you have to this Brahmin clan, the closer you will be in the divine kingdom.

BapDada places the children in front. Without the children, the mother and father cannot be glorified.

Here you are given the paper in advance. You have already given the paper of faith. Now you have to give the paper of each one’s love, co-operation, and power.

The time is coming close in which the image of all of you of the previous kalpa is to be revealed. You have to give a finger of love to transform all the variety of problems: problems of the mind, problems of the body, problems through the atmosphere, and a mountain of all other problems.

You have passed in lokik relations, but there will also be small or big problems with alokik relations. But consider all these problems to be a paper, and you will pass.

Now you have to imbibe willpower. The father demonstrated to you, by performing actions in the corporeal form, how it is possible to develop willpower. He willed everything. He did not take a long time to will it. Will away all your weaknesses, internally and externally.

Did sakar Baba think “how will it happen”, “what will happen”? If someone wills something after thinking about that thing, he doesn’t receive as much fruit: the difference is like that between sacrifice and instant sacrifice.

BapDada knows the future as well as the past. So on seeing the strings of the karmic situations in the future (of the present birth), Baba does not instantly inspire you to race ahead. It is your duty to cut away the strings of the karmic situations. If even one string is yet to be cut away, the mind will be pulled. So Baba is waiting for you to cut away the strings. If the strings were already broken, would you wait? Those who are free will never wait for any bondage.

If you make the bodiless one your partner, you will receive co-operation in becoming bodiless. If you receive less co-operation in becoming bodiless, then understand that you have not made the bodiless one your partner.

The wonder is of those who make difficult things easy. Those who move fast, those who make a bargain in one second, never become trapped anywhere. You have to go fast, seeing the final image. Simply take a high jump. You will not be able to go fast at the end. Achcha.

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