English Avyakt Murli 19/07/71

11/04/10 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 19/07/71

Be simple and become a sample.

What would you call today’s gathering? What would be the name of this gathering according to your actions? Say a name based on how you act. (Many gave different ideas.) Did you say the names you gave considering that to be your practical activity? If you are doing that in a practical way, then what do you become? Those who are worthy and embodiments of the proof. If you are still practising it, you cannot be called embodiments of the proof. If you are it in a practical way, then you are both those who are worthy and also embodiments of the proof. This group is simple and a sample. You are those who are simple and who reveal samples. You are not just simple in your costume, but you are those who become simple in every aspect and become samples. If anything simple is clean, it attracts towards itself. In the same way, if you are simple and clean (pure) in your thoughts, your relationships and connections, your interactions, and your way of living, that is, if you remain simple and become a sample, you attract others towards yourself. If you are not simple in your thoughts and relationships, what would the alternative be? Simple means ordinary. There should be greatness in ordinary things, just as the father remained very simple whilst living in the corporeal world and became a sample for all of you. The very ordinary things reveal the very great things. So, if you are not ordinary, that is, if you are not simple, it becomes a problem. Then you have a problem even in thoughts. Even if your way of living is not simple, it becomes one problem or another for the self and also for others. So, do you wish to be a problem, or do you wish to remain simple? Those who have problems cannot be simple. So you should be simple even in your thoughts. If you have any confusion or any problems in your mind, would that be called simple? Look, Gandhiji was said to be simple. He became simple and revealed himself as an example, did he not? His simple activity was a sign of his greatness. That was an act of the limited, but here, you have to be the children of the unlimited Father and act in an unlimited way. You are the instruments responsible for the world. Just as the world is unlimited and the Father is unlimited, in the same way, whatever act you perform, perform that whilst stabilising yourself in an unlimited stage. This act attracts others towards itself. So, in order to be an image that attracts, what do you have to do? You have to be simple. Here, in the divine relationships, if you do not remain simple, if you become a problem, what would be the result? You are deprived of love and co-operation. Even without wanting to, everyone has the good wishes to give love and co-operation to those who are simple and ordinary. So, in order to be loved by all and in order to receive co-operation from all, and in order to be co-operative with everyone, it is very essential to be simple. You do not have any problems, do you? Or, you yourself have not become a problem, have you? Whether in a lokik family or in interaction with others, or in the divine family, never bring up any problem in yourself nor create any problems for anyone. If you become a problem, you become one who takes service. You are Godly servers, and servers mean those who do service, not those who take service. If you become those who take service, then your activity is not according to your name. Godly helpers never take service, they give service, because they are the children of the Bestower. Does the Father take anything? He is the Bestower. If, because of being a problem, you are taking service, are you then children of the Bestower? If you take any other kind of extra service, you can never have the intoxication of being children of the Bestower and the Bestower of Blessings.

So, is this a group of householders, or a group of those who stay in isolation? Your lokik household has now finished, has it not? Have you transformed your lokik household into a Godly household? Until you transform it, you cannot stabilise yourself in an alokik stage. This is why you were told that, whilst staying in your household, you must constantly remember your name, form, virtue and task, through which the lokik household will be transformed. By constantly considering your title to be servers, there will not be any bossiness. Servers constantly have the consciousness of humility and are humble, and they don’t consider their home to be a home but a service place. The main virtue of a server is renunciation. If there isn’t renunciation, there cannot be service. Through renunciation, you become an embodiment of tapasya. The duty of a server is to remain constantly engaged in service. Whether one does service through the mind, service through words or service through deeds, to be a server means to remain constantly engaged in service. They never consider service to be separate from themselves. They constantly pay attention to service. Such souls are called servers. So consider yourself to be a server and stay in your home considering it to be a service place. Remain those who have an attitude of renunciation and those who are embodiments of tapasya. If you constantly have love in the intellect to do service, your lokik household will be transformed into a Godly household. So, what newness will this group show, which no other group has shown as yet? You must definitely bring about some newness. You have especially come here to the bhatthi, and so there must be some special transformation in yourself. You walk and move around, but you must now bring about a special speciality in yourself and have your name added to the list of special souls before you return. Do you know how many lists BapDada has? Do you know which list your name is in? Try to put your name in the list of special souls. You become a special soul when you perform a special duty or you show a special speciality. So, return from here as special souls. Have you died a living death, or have you come to die a living death? You have become Brahma Kumars having died alive, have you not? Or, will you become that now? It was only when you died and took another birth that you were named Brahma Kumars. To die and take a new birth is called dying a living death, otherwise, how can you become Brahma Kumars before taking another birth? You are the children and you have a right, but you have to become worthy and give the proof. The rest are Brahma Kumars so you have died alive anyway. By having the awareness that you have died alive, even that body doesn’t remain yours. The Father has given you that body for Godly service. You have died alive, but you have received that body for Godly service. By having this consciousness, you will even consider that body to be something given to you in trust to look after. When you are given something in trust there is no feeling of it being yours when looking after it. You do not even have any attachment to it. So consider that body to be something given to you in trust; then, attachment to the body will also finish. Just as by being a trustee and considering something that is given to you to be in trust you have very little attachment, in the same way, you have been given that body in trust just for doing Godly service. Seeing whatever has been given to you in trust, you automatically remember the One who gave it to you in trust. The spiritual Father has given it to you in trust, and so you will remember the spiritual Father. By considering it to be given to you in trust, there will also be spirituality, and with spirituality there will constantly be comfort (rahat) in the intellect; there will not be any tiredness. By mixing something or misusing whatever has been given to you in trust, instead of there being spirituality, there is then confusion. Instead of comfort, there is fear, so this is why that body is just given to you for Godly service. By considering it to be given to you in trust, you will automatically have a spiritual stage. This is an easy method, is it not? Now, you will constantly be able to be an easy yogi, will you not? Constantly remain stable in the stage of spirituality. You have to show this newness, so that others who see all of you experience your having come here as samples. In order to make the pilgrimage of remembrance easy for others, you have to become a sample before you return. This group will return as samples, will it not?

If one sample goes to each place, everything would then become very simple. What name will you remember for yourself? Servers. You are servers, but now do such service that you enable others to receive instant fruit. So what slogan will you remember? You are those who reveal your spiritual stage and those who give instant fruit to each and every soul. This is the duty of this group. The more you make your stage of spirituality firm, the more you will be able to give instant fruit. If you do not reveal the stage of spirituality, the fruit cannot be visible practically. In order to reveal the practical fruit, reveal your spiritual stage. Do you understand?

What stamp have you applied to yourself? That of a server. Did you understand? Even serve through your mind. What renunciation will this group have through which you can become embodiments of tapasya? Generally, what is the obstacle in your practical daily timetable? In one word, it is called bossiness. This is why you are not able to have spiritual pride. The bossiness that you have whilst in a household: “I am the creator”, or the bossiness in your interaction, or even in relationships with others; the main obstacle is that of bossiness. You have to renounce that. Servers never show any bossiness, and this is why you have to renounce bossiness. This is the main renunciation. You have the courage for renunciation, do you not? Whatever promises you make, put an imperishable stamp on each promise. Because of your not putting an imperishable stamp on it, the promise becomes temporary. It is seen in the result of some that they make a promise when they go from here, but they then change their promise and start to cry out in distress: “What can I do? Why did this happen? Now, help me! I did not want this to happen, but this is why it happened.” Instead of being a yogi, you become one who is separated (viyogi), and you cry out in distress. Now, you have to be a constant yogi, not a separated yogi who cries out in distress. This group has to demonstrate this in a practical way. “We will do whatever we are told. No matter how many things we have to tolerate, we will definitely face them and reveal ourselves as victorious.” If you become one another’s helpers, and continue to have good wishes for everyone, what would you not be able to achieve as co-operative ones? Since they are able to enter your territory co-operating with one another, can you not surround Maya? Can the Pandava Army not surround Maya? If you continue to have good wishes for one another and are co-operative with one another, then Maya does not have the courage to enter into your territory. This is the power of co-operation. This is a group of the power of co-operation. You have to show the practical form of the power of this gathering. Achcha.

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