English Avyakt Murli 20/03/69

20-03-69         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

Renounce seven things and imbibe seven things.

In which awareness are all of you sitting? In which world are all of you sitting? Are you in the corporeal world or the subtle region? Have you brought the avyakt one into the corporeal world or have you become avyakt? Where are you experiencing the present meeting? You invited the avyakt One into the corporeal world, and so avyakt BapDada is meeting you in the corporeal world through the avyakt form. How much time do you need to bring your avyakt form into the corporeal world? (We are now making preparations, we are making effort.) How much time do you need? How much time do you need to bring your perfect and complete stage into the corporeal form? You can see that in the mirror, can you not? Have you seen the image of the perfect and complete stage in the corporeal form? Was the corporeal body not an example of the complete karmateet stage? Compare yourself with that and tell Baba. You have to become like that. You simply have to imbibe the virtues. So how much difference do you think there is in Baba’s final stage and your present stage? How much time do you need for that? You saw the proof of the corporeal one with your eyes. Compare your actions and speech with every virtue and every action of Baba’s and you will know. According to the present time, even a difference of 25% is a lot. There is very little time for effort, and so just as you keep a chart of remembrance, together with that, you also have to keep this chart. Whatever actions sakar Baba performed, whatever stage he had and consciousness he maintained compare yourself with that. Achcha.

Today the kumaris are going to take the exams. In the effort you are making, imbibe seven main things and renounce seven things. What are they? (Each kumari gave her thoughts.) You tell everyone to renounce the five vices, and together with that, the sixth thing is laziness and the seventh is fear. Fear is also a big vice. The main virtue of a shakti is fearlessness. Therefore, you also have to renounce fear. Achcha, what do you have to imbibe? Know your original form. So, know your original form, your original religion, your original home, pure actions, your aim, the qualities for that aim, and you also have to spin the discus of self-realisation. Imbibe these seven aspects. What will you become if you imbibe these seven things? The goddess of coolness. Do not become Kali. You now have to become Sheetla, the goddess of coolness. Become Kali over the vices, Be Kali in front of the devils, but become Sheetla, the goddess of coolness, for your Brahmin clan. Achcha.

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