English Avyakt Murli 23/01/69

23-01-69         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

The ashes are to remind you of the stage.

Today, I have come in the avyakt form to meet all of you children. Only my children who are stable in the avyakt stage will understand this. Whilst all of you children are stable in the avyakt stage, whom are you seeing? Are you seeing him (Brahma Baba) in the vyakt (corporeal) form or the avyakt (subtle) form? Are you in the corporeal or the subtle stage? If you look whilst in the vyakt stage, you will not be able to see the father. Today, I have come from the subtle region to meet you. There is no sound in the subtle region, but I have come here into sound. What thought is inside all of you? This is now the avyakt meeting. It is as though the heart-to-heart conversation with the children continues like a kalpa ago. • Sweet Baba has sent me to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you children and to meet all of you. The one who was here is still here.

Two or three days ago, there was a heart-to-heart to conversation with sweet Baba. What was the heart-to-heart conversation? Do you know that? Baba asked, “Are you ready to experience the subtle region?” What would I have replied? I simply replied, “Whatever is Baba’s direction; as You make me move, wherever You make me sit, in whatever form You make me sit, I am ready.” There must be the thought within the children, “Why did BapDada not take leave?” This was also said to Baba. Baba replied, “If I had sat all the children down and asked them to let you take leave, would they have given it? Seeing the children and the service, you would have been affected by that love.” And so whatever Baba made me do is said to be the destiny of the drama.

If not in a corporeal form, you are still meeting in the avyakt form. The expansion of service is the same, the remembrance of the children is the same, but the difference is that whereas that one was avyakt whilst in the corporeal form, this one is only subtle. Those who know about the meeting with the eyes will take the directions and the teachings for themselves through their eyes in this short meeting. All of you have to come to the subtle region anyway. Baba is always ready at all times to have a meeting with the children. Now, the children will be able to have the experience of an avyakt meeting to the extent that their intellects are clear. Are you stable in your form of power?

To Didi: Baba is still with you just as he was; not separated. Now, you have to show the part of being the embodiment of power in a visible way. The teachings you have received from the Father have to be shown in a practical form. There is a large army of shaktis, but now you have to become the complete embodiment of power. Up to now, you have been progressing through the love of the child and Father. Now, you have to make others powerful through the powers that you yourself have received from the Father. Only such loving children will remain with the Father till the end. Sweet, sweet Baba was showing a scene of you children just now where you were carrying the ashes. Do not just see the ashes, see the stage. The ashes themselves remind you of his stage. There was the powerful stage in every vein. So although externally you kept the ashes, you must not take the meaning of that to be the same as on the path of bhakti. Always see the stage with which the ashes were filled. Ordinary people will not be able to understand these things so clearly.

Children have love and it will constantly remain for twenty-one births. Will all of you not come into the golden- aged world with me? Will we not claim the kingdom together? We are together now, and we will remain together for many births. Now also, do not think that Baba is here and Dada is not, or that Dada is here and Baba is not. Both of us are one; we cannot be separated from one another. In the same way, consider yourself to be the trimurti. This is why Baba says: Always keep the badge of the trimurti with you. When you see the three, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, you are reminded of your trimurti stage, that is, you are reminded of your form and the remembrance of BapDada: this stage of the trimurti is very well known. There is benefit for all of you children in this. Whatever the Father, the Benefactor says and inspires you to do, there is benefit in that. In each supreme version and in each drishti, there is a lot of benefit. But there are very few special maharathi children who now recognise the physical part. Now, you must also make fast efforts to stabilise yourself in the karmateet stage. Just as you used to spend all your time with BapDada, in the same way, keep Him with you in every action at every moment. Children, remember these teachings; do not ever forget them. Continue to have success in your relationships, in being loving, in being the embodiment of remembrance and in having an easy nature by surrendering and being co-operative. Success is shining in the centre of the forehead of all you children. Now, it has been too long, is there anything else that you want to say?

Whilst sitting in the subtle region, each child’s daily timetable and chart are always in front of me. They are even more clearly visible now than in the corporeal form. And so, Baba continues to see each one’s results. The more you are stable in the avyakt form, the more the actions performed by the senses will be according to the advice given by shrimat. Children will have this experience. Now, on the basis of your avyakt stage, perform actions as you have been doing according to shrimat. To have the same love for the things that Baba has love for means to make yourself a hundred-fold fortunate. In his every vein, what did Baba have love for? Not the five elements. Love is always for the virtues. It isn’t that he had love, but that he still has love. Until the future new world is created, this love will remain unbroken. Love is for the souls and the task. Would this body have been your companion till the end? This is why have such love and become loving. No matter what kind of Maya confronts you, you must become the conqueror of Maya. Just as you put on a badge, now put the badge of victory on your forehead.

The map of Madhuban should be in front of the whole world like a museum. It is the imperishable treasure store. It has to be revealed even more. Continue to write letters here as all of you have been doing. Take directions in the same way as you used to. The question of the body is something else, but the service is the same. And so, whatever it is, write to Madhuban about it. Maintain a constant connection. Give others the evidence of your stage. Seeing you, others will do the same.

At the time of taking leave:

You children know that whatever is the role in the drama, there is an incognito significance in that. Whatever further significance there is will be told to you according to the time. Now, the memorial of you is in the sky; people of the world will see with their eyes whose shrimat these stars of the earth are following. Baba has said: Do not sit there for too long. Achcha.

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