English Avyakt Murli 24/01/70

12/12/04 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 24/01/70

The main business of Brahmins is to surrender the self and inspire others to surrender.

To whom have you handed over the boat of your life? (Shiv Baba). Are you following shrimat completely? To follow shrimat means to put spirituality into every action. Do you consider yourselves to have a full right to the inheritance from Shiv Baba? Those who claim the right to the inheritance have a right over everything. They are not dependent on anything. If they are dependent on their body or bodily relations, or on anything belonging to the body, then by being dependent in such a way, it means they cannot be ones with a right. Those who have a right are not dependent. By constantly considering yourself to be one with a right, you will be saved from becoming dependent on any form of Maya. Always check how many spiritual actions you have performed and how many worldly actions you have performed. Spiritual actions will give others inspiration to become spiritual. All of you have kept the aim of claiming the highest-on-high royal status by being the children of the highest-on-high Father. Or, will you be content with whatever you receive? Since you are the children of the highest-on-high Father, you have kept a high aim. Only when you remain in the imperishable stage of soul consciousness will you attain such imperishable happiness. Souls are imperishable, are they not? You came to Madhuban and claimed the blessings of Madhuban. You receive blessings easily, without effort. You are easily able to attain avyakt bliss, avyakt love and avyakt power by remaining in the avyakt stage. You have to try to keep this blessing with you eternally. By constantly staying in remembrance of the Bestower of Blessings, you will keep these blessings with you eternally. If you forget the Bestower of Blessings, the blessings will finish. Therefore, you must never become separated from the Bestower of Blessings. If the Bestower of Blessings is with you, the blessings are also with you. Who is the most loved out of the whole world? (Shiv Baba). If He is that, then you should automatically be able to remember Him. Since He is the most loved of all, why do you forget to remember Him? You must surely be remembering something else. Nothing happens without a reason. There is also a reason for forgetting. Because of your forgetting, the One you love the most becomes distant. The reason for forgetting is your own weakness. Because you do not follow shrimat fully, there is weakness, then, because of the weakness, there is forgetfulness. It is only in forgetfulness that you forget the thing you love the most. Therefore, before performing any action, always have the awareness of shrimat and when you then perform an action that action will be elevated. Through performing elevated actions, you automatically make your life elevated. This is why you must check yourself before carrying out any task. If you check yourself after you have performed the action, the wrong action that you have already performed has already become a sin. This is why you must first check before you perform that action. Do you know the way to give the Godly study to others in an easy and simple way? Can you give anyone the Father’s introduction in a second? The more you give others the Father’s introduction to others to that extent you will create your future reward. You have to give here and receive there. So, that means that you only have to receive. Whatever you continue to give, so you should consider yourself to be receiving that much. You should experience the attainment of the instant fruit of this knowledge as well as the future reward. You can understand the future on the basis of the attainment of the present. What you experience at the present time makes your future very clear. Whilst moving along, what form do you consider yourself to have? Do you have the feeling that you are a Shakti, a world mother? Those who are the form of a world mother have the feeling of benefit for the world. By having the form of a Shiv Shakti no weaknesses will remain. So, “I am a world mother and a Shiv Shakti”. When you keep both these forms in your awareness, you will become a conqueror of Maya. And, through having the feeling of world benefit, you will become an instrument to bring benefit to many souls. Have you conquered attachment to your relations and your body? To what extent have you attained the last stage of being a conqueror of attachment? The more you become a conqueror of attachment, the more you will become an embodiment of remembrance. So, the way to have constant remembrance is to become a conqueror of attachment. Is it easy or difficult to become a conqueror of attachment? When you surrender yourself, everything becomes easy. If you do not surrender everything, but keep it to yourself, you find it difficult. The main method to make it easy is to surrender. The Father should be able to do whatever He wants through you. Just as an entire factory is run by machines and it is the task of the machines to make the factory function, in the same way, we are instruments. The One who wants to use us can use us in whatever way He wants. We just have to continue according to that. By thinking in this way, you will not feel any difficulty. You have to make this stage stronger day by day. You must pay attention to this main thing. The more you children surrender yourselves to the Father to that extent the Father also surrenders Himself to you children. That is to say, the treasures of the Father automatically belong to such children. Why should it be difficult to give others the virtues you have? To surrender and inspire others to surrender is the business of Brahmins. Who else, apart from Brahmins, would know about the business of Brahmins? Just as the Father is not pleased with just a little, in the same way, children should not be pleased with just a little. What is the sign of faith? Victory. The more faith you have in the intellect, the more victorious you will be in all respects. Someone who has faith in the intellect is never defeated. If there is defeat, you should understand that there is a lack of faith. You must always consider yourself to be one of the jewels amongst the victorious jewels who have faith in the intellect. Obstacles will come. The method to finish them is constantly to think that they are papers. Each paper enables you to discern your stage. If an obstacle comes, consider it to be a paper and pass it. Don’t see the situation but consider it to be a paper. There are different questions in a paper: sometimes about the mind, sometimes concern about public opinion, sometimes of relationships and sometimes a question of fellow-countrymen will come. However, don’t be afraid of them but go into their depth. Create such an atmosphere that anyone can be pulled even against his will. The more you remain busy in creating an avyakt atmosphere, the more everything will happen automatically. Whilst walking along, if you smell a fragrance, you would want to go and see what it is. In the same way, this avyakt fragrance will pull souls against their will. In order to fulfil the aim that you have kept, you also have to fill yourself with such qualities. How far will you go if you are slack in trying? If you use the word “trying”, then, whilst trying, you will get left behind. Your aim should be that you must do it. To use the word “trying” is a weakness. In order to finish this weakness, finish the word “trying”. There is victory in having faith. If there are doubts, power is reduced. If you have faith in the intellect, you will also receive co-operation from everyone. When you have to carry out a task you must always think, “No one can do it without me”, and then there will be success. So from today, finish the word “trying”. “I am a Shiv Shakti”. Shiv Shaktis are able to perform all tasks. Shaktis are portrayed riding a lion. If any type of Maya comes in the form of a lion, don’t be afraid. A Shiv Shakti can never be defeated. There is no time left anyway. If you change yourself before the time, you will receive a hundred-thousand fold return of one. You have to change anyway, so why not change in this way. Do you remember that you claimed your inheritance in the previous cycle as well? If you consider yourself to be old, when the memory of the previous cycle returns, effort becomes easy. Because there is the faith of having claimed the inheritance in the previous cycle, you will not let go until you do so again. The memory of the previous cycle brings you power. If you consider yourself to be new, there will be weak thoughts: Will I be able to do this or not? With the consciousness – “I am from the previous cycle,” – there will be power. You must always make yourself courageous. You must never lose courage. When you have courage you receive help. “We are children of the Father, the Almighty Authority”. To remember the Father is in itself courage. Is it easy or difficult to remember Baba? It becomes easy when you make it easy. “This is my task, this is my duty”. When the question of how you can do it arises, it becomes difficult. Don’t allow weak thoughts to remain in you. If weak thoughts arise in the mind, finish them there and then and become powerful. If you still keep trying, when will you experience the avyakt attraction? As long as you are trying, you cannot develop the avyakt attraction in yourself. That language is weakness. The children of the Father, the Almighty Authority, cannot speak that. Their thoughts, words, everything, are those of faith. You have to create such a stage. Always check: Is the foundation of your thoughts powerful? The speciality of someone who makes intense effort is that his thoughts, words and deeds, all three, are equal. If your thoughts are elevated but your deeds weak, you cannot be called an intense effort-maker. The two should be equal. You should always understand that when Maya sometimes comes to show her form, she is actually coming to take leave for all time. However, instead of bidding her farewell, you invite her in. If you are always with Shiv Baba, if you are never separated from Him, then what can anyone do? When someone is busy, a third person will not disturb him. The busy person would put up a sign, so that no one would come to disturb him. You can also put up such a sign that Maya goes away. She would not have a place to visit. When a seat is empty, someone will come and sit there. It is very easy for you mothers. You simply have to remember the Father, that’s all! By remembering the Father, the knowledge automatically emerges. Those who remember the Father receive His help in every task. Remembrance has so much power that by keeping the experiences you have here in your awareness they become imperishable. Constantly keep the awareness in your intellect that you are residents of the supreme abode, that you have come here for a particular task and that you have to return home again. The busier you keep your intellect in these things, the less it will wander around. You have to relate knowledge to others tactfully. By giving them direct knowledge, they will become afraid. First of all, pull them with God’s love. Bodily beings want wealth whereas the Father wants the mind. So, let the mind be focused where it has to be; let it not go anywhere else. To stay in a yog-yukt and avyakt stage whilst speaking a few words is equivalent to giving a lecture. You can relate the essence of an hour’s lecture in just a few words.

Do you experience yourselves to be moving forward day by day? Don’t think that you still have time and that you will be able to make effort later. You have to attain completion before time and attain the experience of this stage. If you experience this stage when the time comes, then your stage will also change when the time changes. When the time finishes, the experience of the avyakt stage will also change, and another part will come. Therefore, you have to experience the avyakt stage in advance. Kumaris run faster, and so go fast in this Godly race too. Only those who are going to come first will come close to the one who comes first. The corporeal one came first, did he not? So, you have to keep a high aim. The aim is to become complete and so you also have to make complete effort, for only then will you receive the perfect status. Complete effort means to make yourself complete in all matters. This is not a big thing. Is it difficult to remember someone after you know him? To know means to have knowledge. If that knowledge is not in the form of light and might, then of what use is that knowledge? That would not be called knowing. Here, knowing and doing are the same. Elsewhere, there is a difference between knowing and doing. Knowledge is something that enables that form to be created. What form would Godly knowledge create? That of the Godly stage. So, why would those who take Godly knowledge not adopt the Godly form? Theory is something else, and to know, that is, to imbibe in the intellect is something else. By imbibing, it automatically comes into action. Dharna means to merge that aspect in your intellect. When it is merged in the intellect, then the physical organs perform actions according to the directions of the intellect. We are the children of the knowledge-full Father, and we have to move along considering ourselves to have the light and might of Godly knowledge within us. Simply to listen to knowledge is something else. You mustn’t just listen to it, but merge it in you. To eat food is one thing but to digest it is something else. You won’t feel energised simply by eating, but when it is digested, energy comes. It is only when you digest the food you have eaten that strength is created. Is it possible that being the children of the Almighty Authority Father, you cannot do anything? If so, you would bring disgrace to the Father’s name. Always have the aim of having to perform such actions that you demonstrate being an example. Do not remain waiting in anticipation, but become an example. The father became an example, did he not? Achcha.

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