English Avyakt Murli 25/01/70

25/01/70 AVYAKT BAPDADA Revised: 04/03/91

The avyakt stage is the main subject. You have to pass in the subject of remaining avyakt whilst performing actions in the corporeal world. You have to keep the line of your intellectclear. When the way is clear, you can run quickly and reach your destination. When there is any obstruction in the line of effort,t hen with the method of making the line clear and removing that obstruction, you are able to reach the avyakt stage. When you come to Madhuban, each of you must give one or another specialvirtue. This is the memorial. The other is a non-living memorial .To remind them of your virtues is a living memorial which they remember constantly. Whenever you go anywhere, always have the aim that your memorial should remain there for all time. If you have filled yourself with special love here, and then go, lovewill melt even stone into water. So take with you this gift of spiritual love through which you can attain victory over anything. Do you think there is a lot of time or little time? So, you now have to try to reach one hundred per cent in the little time that remains. You have to use all the courage you have. You have to pay so much attention that even one second isnot wasted. How great is even one second of the confluence age? You have to use both your time and your thoughts in a worth while way. The task which cannot be accomplished by the big ones can be accomplished by the little ones. Now, that task is still remaining. Up until now, it’s fine that you have just beenrunning, but now you will only be able to reach your aim if you take a jump. To transform many things in one second means to take a jump. Do you have this much courage? Whatever you have heard,you definitely have to bring that about in your practical life.You have to become like the one you have love for. So toassimilate all the virtues of BapDada into the self is theresponsibility of love. You have to assimilate into yourself thegreatness of the Father. This is love. There should not be aweakness in even one speciality. When you have assimilated intoyourself all the virtues, you will then become the deities whoare complete with all virtues in the future. Keep the aim ofbecoming complete with all virtues. By keeping the virtues of theFather in front of yourself, check to what extent you haveachieved that. It shouldn’t be less by any percentage. Thereshould be the complete percentage, only then will you be able tocome into a close relationship there. Now, you must see only thespirit. What did you receive by seeing the body? You onlyexperienced sorrow. Now, if the spirit sees the spirit, it willreceive comfort. You are brave, courageous ones, aren’t you?What is the sign of brave, courageous ones? They do not find itdifficult to overcome anything. They do not take a lot of time either. Their time is not used in removing obstacles etc. of theself but in service. Such a soul is called a brave, courageousone. You should use your time for service and not for removingyour obstacles. Time has now moved ahead a great deal. Accordingto this calculation, all of those things are the things ofchildhood. Small children are very sensitive whereas elderchildren are the courageous ones. So there should not be anychildishness in your effort. You should be courageous. No matterwhat the circumstances are or what the atmosphere is like, not tobe weak is called being a brave, courageous one. When someone hasa physical weakness in the body, he is affected by the weather orthe atmosphere etc. Those who are healthy are not affected. Soonly those who are sensitive are affected by the atmosphere. Theatmosphere is not the creator. It is only the creation. Is thecreator greater or the creation? (The creator.) So why is thecreator being dependent on the creation? So now remember yourday of becoming the brave, courageous ones. Do not forget thisawareness. Go from here having become such a portrait; a portraitin which people see the Father. You have to reveal to yourselfthe portrait of perfection. If you have courage, you willdefinitely receive help. Do you now think that having come here,you have developed speed in whatever you were slack in? You mustnow not be slack in your effort.

25/01/70- 2 – 04/03/91

In order to claim the full right, you have to make the complete sacrifice. How can there be complete success in a sacrificial fire that is created? Only when an offering is sacrificed into it. If there is something lacking in the offering, the sacrificial fire will not be successful. Here also, each of you has to check whether you have put the offering intothe fire. If the offering is lacking even slightly, the sacrificial fire will not be completely successful. There is the  accurate calculation of receiving as much as you give. Dharamraj is also there keeping the account. He cannot miss out any accounts. This is why, whatever you give as an offering, give it completely and receive the return in full. If you do not give something fully, you will not be able to receive anything fully. You can only receive as much as you give. If you know through what you can attain success, and you do not even then use that in a worthwhile way, what will happen? There will be a weakness remaining. So always pay attention that nothing is still left behind. There should not be anything remaining in your thoughts, words or actions. Atthe time when it is the last day for any task, you check in allfour directions to see if anything still remains. In the sameway, it is now the time for completion. If there is a weaknessremaining, that will continue. Then, the sacrifice will not beaccepted; it will not then be called the complete offering.Therefore, you have to pay this much attention. The time forhaving weaknesses has now passed. The time is now going veryfast. If the time goes very fast, and you remain slow, what willhappen? Will you be able to reach your destination? Then,instead of reaching the destination of the golden age, you willreach the silver age. Just as the time is going fast, you have tomake yourself run just as fast. In a physical way, when you haveto catch a train, you have to check the time, otherwise you willbe left behind. The time is moving by anyway. Time does not haveto wait for anyone. The time for going very slowly has nowpassed. The days of running have even passed. Now, these are thedays for taking a jump. When you feel a weakness in anything, totransform that in one second means to take a jump. It may seemvery high to take a jump, but it is very easy. You just needfaith and courage. Those who had faith attained victory a kalpaago also. That has already taken place even now. It should bethis firm. You have to protect yourself. You have to check yourmind, words and actions at every second. It isn’t difficult forBapDada to see such souls. There is no need to take the physicalsupport of anything in order to see the children, Baba can seethem from anywhere. The new ones have greater enthusiasm than theolder ones for definitely doing something. There are some suchfast, intense students. The new ones can perform wonders becausethey are able to see the time very clearly. You have co-operationfrom the time and also the circumstances. Even the circumstancesare now showing you what your effort should be. Once the examshave begun, you will not be able to make any effort. Then thefinal paper will begin. You have reached here before the finalpaper, consider it to be your great fortune that you have reachedhere in good time and that you have been allowed to take thepaper. Once an exam has begun the doors are closed. Those whocame in the beginning had to be inspired to have disinterest. Butnowadays, the circumstances themselves inspire you to havedisinterest. It will not take long for your land to be prepared.You will just sow a strong seed of the faith of knowledge and thefruit will be ready. This is such a seed that it can bear fruitvery quickly. Although the seed is very powerful, it is your taskto sustain and look after it. Baba is the Almighty Authority yetthe children do not even have the power to stop their thoughts!

Baba changes the world yet the children cannot even changethemselves! Just think what Baba is and what you are, and youwill be ashamed of yourself. You have to bring abouttransformation within your activity. People will not understandso much through your words. When they see your transformation,they will themselves ask you: Who made you like you are. Whensomeone reveals himself by bringing about transformation, peoplethen ask him even without wanting to: What happened to you andhow did you bring about transformation? So seeing your activity, they will be drawn to you.These centres are just for the namesake. There is only one main Centre for all of you. You have such an unlimitedvision, do you not? All of you have a connection with the main Centre. All souls have a connection and relationshipwith the main Centre. When you have a connection with only the One, your stage also remains stable. If the thread ofrelationship is pulled anywhere else, your stage will not remain stable. So, in order to create a stable stage, evenwhilst looking at everything do not see anyone except the One. Nothing of what you see now will remain. The Onethat will remain with you eternally is only the one Father. There can be all attainments through having theremembrance of One, and there are no attainments through having the remembrance of many. So which bargain isbetter? Do you make a bargain after having seen something for yourself, or on the basis of what someone tells you?You have also been given the understanding that Maya will show you her face for a little while, in order to take leavefrom you for all time. Now, she will come to take leave, not to defeat you. She comes to take leave. If you becomeafraid, that will be considered a weakness. Then Maya will attack you through that weakness. You now have power,do you not? You have a relationship with the Almighty Authority, and so what is Maya’s power in front of Baba’spower? Do not forget the intoxication that you are the children of the Almighty Authority. Maya attacks only whenyou forget this. You must not become unconscious. Those who are clever always remain conscious. Nowadays, thebandits make people unconscious with something or another, and so Maya does the same. Those who are clever knowin advance what their methods are and they therefore take pracautions in advance. They do not lose consciousness. Sotherefore, always keep the life-giving herb with you. Achcha.

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