English Avyakt Murli 29/05/70

Avyakt BapDada 29th May 1970

The sign of a close bead coming closer is that that soul will constantly see in front of him his angelic form of light, and his future form. There is the complete form in one eye, and the future form in the other. This will be visible as clearly as you experience your present form. Whilst sitting, there will be the experience that you are not sitting here, but are sitting in that perfect form. This body that is making effort will become totally merged, and those two forms will emerge on either side. When you yourself have this experience, others will also have this experience. You will experience it in the same way that you take off one garment and put on another. This one will merge and that one will emerge. You will forget this one.

There is also will power in this stage. You receive will power and you also have the experience that you have already willed everything over. Everything will be willed, including your thoughts. There will be the stage of being equal to the father. Being equal and being complete are the same thing.

When you are in the avyakt form, you receive help in every respect. Achcha.

To be able to read someone’s thoughts is also a sign of perfection. The more you stabilise yourself in avyakt feelings, the more you will understand the feelings of everyone else. The avyakt stage is a mirror. The more avyakt your stage, the clearer and more powerful the mirror.

Be easy and simple. Be tolerant. Change the ordinary into the elevated. Success is your birthright. The closer you come to one another, the closer success will be. Have regard for one another. In giving regard you will receive it.

Transform your language. Even when someone’s ideas are not clear, you must never say ‘no’. Say ‘ yes’ and accordingly in satyug your subjects will say ‘yes’ to you. If you say ‘no’, then your subjects there will salute you from a distance. To say ‘yes’ to others is the easy way to make their sanskars easy.

Whatever actions you now perform are becoming a law for the future. So each word must emerge only after careful consideration.

Until now if you catch hold of one thing you let go of another. Sometimes you catch hold of the systems and let go of the laws, and sometimes you catch hold of the laws and let go of the systems. Because you forget the Law-maker, you let go of one of the things. By remembering the Law-maker you are able to maintain both the laws and the systems. When both remain together, success will become the garland around your neck. Achcha.

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