English Avyakt Murli 29/10/70

Avyakt BapDada 29th October 1970

Today BapDada is looking at the Deepmala (the rosary of lamps). This is a rosary of the lamps, isn’t it? People celebrate Deepmala (or Diwali), whereas BapDada is looking at the Deepmala. Which lamps are liked the most? The lamps that are unshakeable and stable: those whose oil never finishes. Do you consider yourselves to be such lamps? The rosary is the memorial of such lamps.

On Deepmala they clean everything with the aim of earning. So have you too carried out both tasks of maintaining cleanliness, and of earning? Where there is cleanliness there is definitely an income in that. Only those who constantly invoke the divine virtues will remain content in both aspects.

You have died a living death , so why do you sometimes adopt the old clothes , the old sanskars? Do you have a lot of love for the old clothes? Why should children have love for that which Baba does not have love for? The weaknesses, the defects, the lack of power, and the delicate nature, which still remain today, have to be finished in the old account. This is what it means to celebrate Diwali.

Diwali is also called coronation day. Have you ever seen the ceremony of the handing over of the throne? How many times would you have seen it? Countless times. Day by day you will increasingly experience it very clearly in an emerged from, as though it is something you have seen in this birth.

In the same way you will experience the future royal sanskars that are merged in the soul. You will experience this in a practical form. From this you should understand that you have come close to your perfect stage and to your kingdom. You do not have these golden-aged sanskars by thinking about them, or by bringing them into your consciousness. They will automatically enter your life easily and cleanly. Whilst living in this world you will see the beautiful scenes of the golden age in front of your eyes. And the golden-aged form that you have to adopt will come in front of your eyes again and again. You now have to renounce this costume and adopt that beautifully decorated costume.

You will have the experience of the golden-aged form now, at the confluence age. You will see the effort and the reward of everyone in a practical form. It will be as though everything of five thousand years ago is just a matter of yesterday, it will be so clear and close in your intellect.

Do not keep the old sanskars, even by mistake. Adopt newness. This is the mantra for today. Do not shed the costume decorated with jewels, and have love for a decayed costume. Constantly keep the goals and aim of BapDada in your intellect, the scenes of the future kingdom in your eyes, and BapDada’s name constantly on your lips. This is called having a lot of love for BapDada and being a close jewel.

Is there anything in this old world that can attract you more than the Father? Once you know that this is the old world, that all the relationships, wealth, possessions etc. are just superficial, why are you still deceived by them all? Why become enmeshed in that? Reveal your

incognito form, and Baba’s incognito form, and you will be able to reveal Baba’s incognito task. Your shakti form will also then be revealed. At present it is still incognito.

There is a saying that the angels never place their feet on the earth. Which feet? The intellect, which your refer to as the pilgrimage of remembrance. So, now the intellect will go beyond the attraction of the earth, that is of nature, and then nothing can bring it down. Then you will become those who control nature, not those who are subservient to nature.

Just as scientists are now trying to go beyond the earth, in the same way, with the power of silence, you can go beyond the attraction of the earth, and take the support of it whenever you wish.

You now have to fly with Baba, and stay with Baba, and become equal. You have made a promise: “we will go with you, we will stay with you, and we will rule with you”. At the time of ruling, the Father becomes incognito, so how will you remain with Baba? By being equal.

How will you bring about equality? By being equal to sakar Baba. You now say “BapDada”. How did Baba bring about that equality? He brought it about in a second by surrendering. You need the power to surrender in that way.

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