English Avyakt Murli 04/05/73

04/05/73 Avyakt BapDada Revised: 25/07/94

Just as you naturally and constantly have the practice of coming into sound, in the same way, do you naturally and constantly practise going beyond sound and stabilising yourself in your original stage; in the stage of being the embodiment of peace? Do you experience the practice of both equally, or have the sanskars of being bodily beingsover eighty­four births become very firm? For eighty­ four births, you have been coming into sound; so, can you transform the sanskars of eighty­four births in one second, that is, can you stabilise yourself beyond sound? Or, do those sanskars constantly attract you towards themselves again and again? What do you think? Are the sanskars ofeighty­four births so powerful, or is the experience at the confluence age of the stage of going beyond sound and being bodiless in one second more powerful? In comparison, is the stage that is able to attract towards itself said to be more powerful or the sanskars of eighty­ four births? Those are eighty­four births and this is the experience of one second. Even so, which is the more powerful experience? What do you think? Which one attracts more? Is it that experience or this experience? The sanskars of coming into sound or the experience of going beyond sound?

In fact, this experience of one second is based on the experience over a long period of time; it is one that enables youto experience many attainments. This is why this one second is equivalent to many years. You have the experiencethat you are able to use your mouth when and as you wish, do you not? This is known as a second. This is the stageof being a master who makes the body work. So, have you become the masters? Have you become the masters of thebody? Do you know who can become a master? One who first becomes a child can become a master. If you do notbecome a child, you cannot even become a master of your own body. Would a child of the Almighty Authority notbe a master of even his own body? When you become the embodiment of the awareness that you are a child and so amaster, that you are now the master of this matter, then you will become the master of the world. That is, the moreyou remember being the child, the more intoxication there will be of being the master; there will also be thathappiness and you will be absorbed in that intoxication. If, at any time, you become dependent on matter, then whatis the reason for that? It is because you forget your stage of being a master almighty authority. You do not constantlykeep your rights in front of you. One who has all rights can never be dependent on anything or anyone.

Do you consider yourselves to be ever­ready and all­rounders? What does it mean to be ever­ready? Are you able tostabilise yourselves in the stage that is dictated by shrimat, as you wish, no matter what the situations are or whatexaminations come in front of you? Are you ever­ready on that order? An order means shrimat. So, are you ever­ready to such an extent that even your thoughts are according to shrimat? Are you ever­ready to this extent? If youreceive the shrimat to stabilise yourself in the stage of being a detached observer in one second, and you take twoseconds instead of one second to stabilise yourself in that stage, would that be called being ever­ready? When themilitary receive an order to stop, they stop instantly; they cannot take even one step forward after receiving the order.In the same way, if you were to receive the shrimat or the direction to stabilise yourself in a particular stage in onesecond, then not to take another second is called being ever­ready. When you have such a stage, you are able tostabilise yourself in that stage in one second.

The effort to stabilise yourself in any particular stage in one second is called intense effort. Are you all intense effort­makers? You have all gone beyond the stage of being just effort­makers, have you not? Have all of you reached yourstage of being an intense effort­maker? Do you experience yourselves to be this? There should not be the slightestfluctuation in your thoughts. Do you continually experience such a stage? Are all of you ever­ ready, according tothis? The Shakti Army has become ever­ready, has it not?

Has the Shakti Army reached this stage or are they about to reach it? Have you not yet reached this stage? What doyou think? Are the Pandavs or the Shaktis number one in this? The wonder is that the Pandavs are able to createsuch a stage even when they come into an atmosphere or environment. When you have a car, or whatever you areriding, are you able to stop it whenever you want or not? In the same way, you should be able to use your physicalorgans when and where you want to; and, if you do not want to use them, you should be able to control them. Youare able to stabilise your intellect in whichever stage you want for as long as you want, are you not? Are the Pandavsnot first in this? Or, are you putting the Shaktis in front in this aspect because you want to save yourself from it? Doyou make the Shaktis your shield? The Shaktis are no less either. The Shaktis will give extra help to the Pandavs.You Shaktis are the great donors and so you have to make others ever­ready in the same way. Achcha.

Do you understand the meaning of being an all­rounder? What does it mean to be an all­rounder? You are all­rounders, are you not? What is the stage of being an all­rounder to perfection? You have to pay attention to threethings especially. Firstly, those who are all­rounders will remain engaged in service; secondly, they will have thespecial virtue of being able to harmonise with everyone’s nature and sanskars, and thirdly, they will fit into anysubject of karma yoga in such a way that it is as though they have been engaged in that particular task for a longperiod of time. They will not feel it to be new. They will seem to be those who are very experienced andknowledgeable in every task. Those who fit all three aspects at every moment are known to be all­rounders. Becausethe line of fortune is created on the basis of each aspect, the record of the sanskars of the soul is created on the basisof this. Therefore, all these things have a deep connection with your reward.

If you are 90% in every aspect and are lacking 10%, then there would be the influence of this much lacking in yourreward also. The number reduces because of this subtle weakness. You also notice those who seem to be similareffort­makers in a physical way. However, when you look at them deeply in a refined way, then because of a littlepercentage lacking in one thing or another, even though they appear to be similar, you will see that there is adifference. So, you can know through this what your number will be. How much percentage do you have in all threeaspects? Do not be happy knowing that you have all three aspects; the number is not created on this basis. Thenumbers will be created according to the percentage you have in them. So, have you become ever­ready and all­rounders to this extent?

All of you have the aim of becoming number one, do you not? You do not have the aim of thinking that it does notmatter if you claim the last number, do you? If you have the aim of thinking that whatever you receive is good, whatwould that be called? What would be the title of such a weak soul? Such souls are also remembered in the scriptures. Firstly, tell Baba of such a title, and secondly, what is the memorial of such souls? The memorial of such souls isthat, when God distributed fortune, they were sleeping. Carelessness is also partly sleeping. Those who remaincareless are in the stage of sleeping. If you become careless, then also, you would be said to be sleeping. Whatwould be the title of such souls? Such souls are called those who kick away the fortune that comes in front of them.You have become the children of the Bestower of Fortune, that is, you have claimed all rights; the fortune has comein front of you, that is, the Bestower of Fortune has come in front of you. What would you say if, instead of creatingthe fortune that has come in front of you, you kick it aside? Unfortunate! Such souls can never attain happiness.None of you are going to be like that, are you? You are those who create your own fortune. Whatever fortune youcreate, accordingly, you will create the portrait of your future reward.

Do you know your future portrait? You are the artists who create your own portrait, are you not? You, yourselves,know to what extent you have created your portrait, do you not?

Are you still creating your portrait or are you putting the final touches? If you have created the portrait, that willdefinitely come in front of you. If it does not come in front of you, it means that you are still engaged in creating it.If it is created, then it would come in front of you again and again. So, all of you are number­one artists, not secondor third. Some artists are good, but if they are not generous­hearted, then they create a weakness. If the artist is good,and has received good material, then, too, he becomes generous­hearted. So then, use all the treasures of yourthoughts, actions, words, time and breath with a generous heart and the portrait created will be good. Some peoplehave a lot, but they do not use it. They become economical in this. The more generous­hearted you become in this,the more first­class you will become. You must not be economical about time either. You must not be economical inusing anything for this task. Be economical in using it for a wasteful task. You must not be economical inperforming an elevated task. You were told what true economy is. To belong to One and to remember One. Let thename of only One constantly remain in your consciousness. Those who belong to One in this way can be economical. Those who do not belong to One cannot be truly economical, no matter how much they try. Achcha. To those who constantly stabilise themselves in the stage beyond sound, that is, in their true religion, and to themaster almighty authorities who constantly use all the powers for their task; to such ever­ready, all­rounder children,love, remembrances and namaste.

Blessing: May you be a natural yogi through the stage of being absorbed in love.Those who constantly remain merged in the love of the one Father do not have to make effort to stay in remembrance. They naturally become yogi souls. They cannot see anything except Baba and service. When the intellect has foundthe one destination, then the wandering of the intellect automatically stops and you easily become a conqueror ofMaya.Slogan: Only when there isn’t any problem which would become an obstruction to your becoming complete can yoube called ever­ready.

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