English Avyakt Murli 05/02/72

Avyakt BapDada 5th February 1972

Can you stabilise on your perfect aim, and have intoxication in onesecond? You know what your perfect aim is, do you not? When you stabilise yourself on your perfect aim, there is intoxication anyway. If your intellect is not stabilised on your aim, you will not experience any intoxication. The sign of remaining stable on your aim is to have intoxication. So, do you constantly experience such intoxication? Those who stay in intoxication themselves are also able to make others stabilise in that intoxication.

When someone has limited intoxication, anyone can tell from his behaviour and activity that he is drunk. In the same way, those who stabilise in the most elevated intoxication of all – which is calledGodly intoxication – are visible from a distance. You should have such a stage that, from a distance, others experience you to be those souls who stay in Godly intoxication. Do you experience yourself to be like this?

Whenever you go somewhere, people should be able to understand, as soon as they see you, that your are lovely and unique souls who belong to God. Do you have this experience? Even on the path of devotion there are such souls: Godly love is visible from their eyes and face. So, whilst living in this world and continuing with your activities, do you feel that you will be able to maintain this stage? Or will you simply have the stage at the end of an image that grants visions? What do you think? Will you have an ordinary form until the end, or will this sparkle be revealed through your face? Will it just be in the final moments… just like when the deities are decorated behind the curtains, so that, when the curtains are opened, that scene appears in front of you and then instantly disappears? Will this sparkle only be visible for a few moments?

Many think that, since the number one and number two instrument souls finished their parts in an ordinary and incognito way, and departed, then what sparkle would they themselves be able to reveal? But no: it is said that “the son shows the father”. So the children can only reveal the Father by doing everything in a practical way.

How and when will there be the call of souls to God? And how will the waves of repentance emerge from souls? Those who have not experienced the sakar form will only accept that the Father came, and that they didn’t receive anything from him, when they have his introduction that they are the Father’s children. Therefore this spiritual sparkle, and intoxication of being an angel in a practical way, should be visible on your face and activity. Seeing the stage of you and the instrument souls, they should experience what the Father has made you. Then they will repent. However, if they do not see this sparkle, what will they think? They will not take knowledge for a sufficient length of time to recognise you. So, the sparkle and intoxication should be visible through your practical activity.

The Father’s elevated versions are: I am revealed to my children, but who will be revealed to the world? That was the Father’s task in the corporeal form. It is the children’s duty to be revealed in a practical form, but the Father’s duty is to be the backbone, and to be the helper in an incognito way. Therefore it is not just the parts of the mother and father that remain incognito, because the atmosphere too will remain incognito until the end. “Victory to the Shaktis” has been remembered, whereas of the Father it has been remembered: “Oh God, your divine games are wonderful”.

You must also have experienced from one another that, when you pay special attention to your aim and intoxication, then no matter how big a gathering you may be sitting in, everyone will definitely see something special. They will experience very good remembrance. The ordinary present attention will be changed, and there will be special attention naturally, and the sparkle and intoxication will be visible from their faces. You simply have to make your awareness powerful. Achcha.

Do you consider yourselves to be the elevated souls who have received the blessings of having a divine intellect and spiritualvision? Brahmin souls receive both of these blessings in the form of a birthright. These blessings are the foundation of everyone’s Brahmin life. The difference between your past life and your present Brahmin life is particularly in these two things. The number given to the effort-makers of the confluence age is based on these two things. To the extent that you use these two things constantly in your every thought, word, and deed, you accordingly claim a number ahead.

Through your spiritual vision, and your resulting attitude, your actions change automatically. With your divine intellect you are constantly and automatically able to make an accurate decision about everything for the self, for service, and in regard to your relationship with the Brahmin family. When you make an accurate decision with a divine intellect, then, on the basis of that decision, the self, service, and relationships, automatically become powerful. Always be aware that to become a child (bachcha bana)means to be saved (bach gaya). Is this part difficult? It is easy, is it not? In that case, why do you forget?

Some children think that they don’t want to forget, but they do forget. Why do they forget? They say that it is a very old sanskar: it has been their sanskar for a long period of time. However, since you have died alive, what is done when you die? There is a cremation ceremony, is there not? It is only when the old has been cremated that you take a new birth. Since the cremation ceremony has been performed, where did the old sanskars come from? When the body is cremated, your name and form finish. If you speak of that person, you would say he existed in the past. You would not speak of that person in the present tense. So, the body is finished when it cremated. What is cremated in this Brahmin life? It is the same body, but you are said to have died alive when the old sanskars, old memories, and nature have been cremated. Since the cremation has taken place, where did the old sanskars come from?

If a person who had been cremated appears in front of you, what would you call that? You would call that a ghost, would you not? Similarly, if the sanskars that have been cremated emerge again, what would you call that? That is also said to be a ghost of Maya. Ghosts are chased away, and you never speak about them. By calling them your old sanskars, you are deceiving yourselves. You don’t sometimes go down the memory lane of your lokik life do you? You have died alive, have you not? Those who have died physically never remember their past life. Similarly, those who have an alokik life and birth cannot remember their lokik life. Now the age has also changed: the world is iron-aged, whereas you are confluence-aged. Everything has changed. You don’t sometimes go back to the iron age, do you?

This is also a border. As soon as you cross the border, you end up in the enemy’s territory. You don’t cross the border do you? Always maintain the awareness that you are an elevated soul, who has a confluence-aged alokik life. Achcha.

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