English Avyakt Murli 07/02/75

25/9/95 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 07/02/75

How world transformation can take place through spiritual power.

Do you consider yourself to be a bodiless soul? Do you experience yourself to be a powerful soul who makes yourbody perform whatever actions you want? Are you able to stabilise yourself in the form of being the master of yourbody, one who makes the physical organs perform actions, and who then becomes detached from those physicalorgans when you want? That is, have you attained the success of Raj Yoga which is the power to be a ruler of thephysical organs? A ruler or a master can never be influenced by any physical organ. Someone who is influencedcannot be called a master. You are a child of the Master of the World; so when the Father is the Master of the World,what would you say if the child were not a master of his own physical organs? Would you be called a child of theMaster? If you are called a master almighty authority and yet you are not able to conduct yourself as a master, areyou a master almighty authority? You have the firm faith that you are a master almighty authority, do you not? Or,are you still developing this faith? Can there be a percentage in your faith? You are a child of the Father, are younot? You would not say that you are ninety per cent His child and not ten per cent? Have you ever seen such a child? Faith means one hundred per cent faith.

What would be the first sign of such children who have one hundred per cent faith? The first sign of one who hasfaith in the intellect is victory. It is also said: Those who have faith in the intellect are victorious. How will youattain victory? Through faith. Do you constantly have the awareness that you are a master almighty authority andalso have faith in this awareness? How can there be power without this awareness? The foundation of beingvictorious is awareness. If your awareness is weak, if it is neither constant nor powerful, then how would you becomevictorious? So, first of all, you have to become an embodiment of awareness in having faith.

Just as whilst walking and moving around you are constantly aware of your job and bodily relations, and with thisawareness, you receive strength knowing what family you belong to or what your occupation is, in the same way, youshould constantly have in your awareness your form and the relations and occupation of the Brahmin life in whichyou have died alive. Because your awareness is weak, victory is not visible. Do not waste your time in simplythinking that there should be victory, but let the foundation of being victorious remain strong. How would it bepossible to reach the destination without travelling along the path to that destination? You definitely have to followthe path. So victory is the destination and constant awareness is the path. That is, are you travelling along the path orare you waiting to be able to see the destination?

You have received the Godly lottery; so you should always think that if you do not use it at the right time, then whenwould you experience that happiness and power? No matter how much wealth someone has, only when that wealth isused would there be the attainment of happiness. By not using it, but simply looking at it, of course you experience alittle joy, but you are unable to experience the deep happiness that you should. You received the lottery, but to use itmeans to put it into your practical life, for without doing this, you are unable to experience happiness, bliss or the joyof being victorious. You have to be experienced in this too, do you not? Experience is the most important treasure oflife. In lokik life also, an experienced soul is considered to be important. So, on this Godly path too, you shouldbecome experienced. Have you experienced what you speak about? You understand that you are a master almightyauthority, but have you experienced this? Don’t think that you will experience it at some time because you aremoving along anyway. Until a date for a particular task is fixed, you cannot make intense effort for that.

After fixing the date for any lokik or alokik task, there is automatically extra power in your actions, because youknow that you have to accomplish that particular task by that date. When you have the date in your awareness, thespeed of your actions also becomes intense. When you know that you have to finish something by tomorrow, willyour speed remain as it is? A main slogan of this knowledge is: If not now, then never. The date for this is nottomorrow or the day after, but now, not even an hour later. Therefore, you have to have a lot of faith that youdefinitely have to do something, not that you will do it at some point, but that you have to do it now. This isdetermined thought; there cannot be determination without determined thought. And how much time remains for youto make effort? Can you see a lot of time available? You have to consider the time, but you also have to considerhow long the period of your reward will be. It is the reward of two ages. And so you have little time left for makingeffort. Therefore, this should always be in your awareness.

Since you wish to attain a reward for a long period of time, you also need to make effort over a long period of time.If you make effort at the last moments, you would receive the reward of the last moment. How can you expect thereward from the beginning when you make effort at the last moment? What would you receive if you only receive theend bits? Just as you have the aim of receiving the attainment in the beginning, so too, make effort accordingly.Consider any situation that arises as a sight or side­scene, just as whilst someone moves along a path, many sights andside­scenes appear. However, those who are going to reach their destination don’t look at those; they only have theattainment of the destination in their intellect. So here too, you have to keep the destination in your intellect and notthose things. If you waste your time in looking at trivial things, you will not reach your destination on time. So nowis the time to have determination. Otherwise, after some time, you will remember this time and realise that you didn’tdo what you had to do at this time.

Instead of thinking about it later, why do you not transform the time? You are instruments for world transformation;so whatever is the Father’s task, consider yourself to be instruments with the Father. You too are part of the world.Those who are going to transform the world first have to transform themselves. Always think that, since you are aninstrument to transform the world, it can’t be a big thing to transform the self, and you will immediately have thepower to transform yourself. The questions of, “How will it happen? What will happen? Will it happen or not?”,will not arise.

Secondly, always keep in your awareness how many times you have carried out the task of world transformation. It isfirm within yourself that you have carried out this task countless times, is it not? “I have been an instrument togetherwith the Father many times.” When you have done something countless times, is it difficult to do it again? You, asan instrument, are simply repeating something that you have done many times in the past. Is it easy or difficult torepeat something? So you should also have this in your awareness. When you have the slightest thought ofsomething being difficult, remember this aspect of being an instrument. By having the awareness that you are, onceagain, doing what you have done countless times, you will receive power.

So constantly keep the blessing in your awareness that you are a soul who is going to show yourself as anembodiment of power, the same as the Father, that is, you are an embodiment of power. By having this relationship,you are able to reach here. But now, you must have the balance of having love for the Father, love for the Father’stask and love for the knowledge received from the Father. At present, you have more love for the Father and less lovefor the other two. You will receive power through knowledge. Each version makes you a multimillionaire. Imbibethese versions whilst giving them this much importance, and by having importance for them you will develop love.

Until you know the importance of something, you cannot have love for it. When you know its importance you willautomatically have love. You are those who are victorious through having faith in the intellect. As soon as you tookyour alokik birth and had the faith that you are a child of the Father, you had the victory of receiving the Fathers’inheritance. What would be the inheritance of someone who is a master almighty authority? The powers. To be achild means to be victorious. You automatically receive the tilak of victory; it doesn’t need to be applied; but itremains eternally. So you are one who has a right, are you not?

(Speaking to someone personally). You have the good fortune of being loving and co­operative. It is also a sign offortune when the entire family becomes united. All members of the family are engrossed in the race of going aheadof one another in the race of making effort. When you have courage, you automatically receive help. (Speaking to afamily from Ahmedabad). This family are the conquerors of attachment. How many families have you made intoconquerors of attachment? You have kept an elevated aim. Now, create a bouquet of such families. If ten suchelevated families are created, then Ahmedabad can go ahead. According to the drama, Gujarat has received theblessing of entire families following the path of knowledge. However, each family should be a conqueror ofattachment and all should be engaged in the line of making elevated effort. Create such a bouquet. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be complete with all attainments by forgetting the old world through having Godly intoxication. Just as that intoxication enables you to forget everything, so too, Godly intoxication enables you to forget the world of sorrow very easily. A lot of damage is caused through having that intoxication, and by drinking heavily, one can even be finished off completely, but this intoxication makes you eternal. Those who constantly remain intoxicated in Godly intoxication become complete with all attainments. The awareness of belonging to the one Father and noneother enables your intoxication to rise, and with this awareness, you also receive power.

Slogan: Instead of copying one another, copy the Father.

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