English Avyakt Murli 10/02/75

02/10/95 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 10/02/75

Surrender yourself together with all powers in service.

Today, this gathering is of the knowledgeable souls. Such knowledgeable and yogi souls are extremely loved byBapDada and also by the souls of the world. Such knowledgeable and yogi souls are continually remembered andworshipped on the path of bhakti. Even at the present time, such souls are worthy to be remembered and worshipped. Worship趴orthy souls means souls who are elevated, and praiseworthy souls means such souls whose virtues areremembered and spoken about even today. The praise and worship of the future depends on the present time. Eachof you can visualise with the power of your intellect at the present time how much you will become praiseworthy andworship趴orthy in the future, that is, on the path of bhakti. Each of you can check yourself to see whether, eventoday, you are looked upon by all souls, that is, by the souls that come into connection with you, by the souls of yourBrahmin clan and also by all the knowledgeable souls that come into contact with you, with the vision of your beingelevated, that is, of your being worship趴orthy. Even the seniors are referred to as worthy of worship (puja). So, doall souls see you with that vision and consider you to be such souls? If only a few souls experience you to be worship趴orthy, then understand that the basis of the present is for the future. In the same way, do all those souls who becomeyour companions or who form a relationship with you experience you to be within the list of those who are specialsouls? If souls experience the virtues of someone, then even now, those souls will definitely, within their mind orthrough their words, sing praise of the virtues of that particular soul. Any virtue you have will definitely create animpression, because virtues cannot be hidden. So, have you become such worship趴orthy souls, such knowledgeableand yogi souls who enable your virtues to be praised? Is the praise of all the virtues sung of a few souls, or of allsouls? Are only a few virtues praised? Which side of the balance is heavier: that of the praise of virtues or of ordinary activity?

According to the time, you now have to check your account of all subjects: to what extent have you accumulated, thatis, to what extent have you become complete in every subject through your thoughts, words and deeds? Have youbecome complete with all virtues or only in some virtues? Have you become benefactors or world benefactors? Ifyou check now, then after having checked, there will still be some time available to make yourself complete. Butafter some time, even the time for making yourself complete will finish. What will you do then? You will becomesouls who look at souls who have become complete; you will not be able to become those who claim a seat. So, doyou want to become an image who grants visions or one who receives visions?

In order to become an image who grants visions, in essence, check three things within yourself: 1) Have you becomecomplete with all rights? 2) Have you become one who has mercy on others? 3) Have you become one who givesregard and respect to everyone? That is, have you become worthy to give and receive respect to and from everyone?Remember that to give regard is to receive regard. Only on the basis of these three will you be revealed to the worldas world benefactors. Do you clearly know the explanation of these?

To be one who has all rights means to have a right over all your physical organs. Together with this, just as thephysical organs of the body are the different powers of the hands and feet etc., so too, the powers of the soul are themind, the intellect and sanskars. Have you developed all rights over these subtle powers? Have you become one whohas rights over your creation, that is, over matter? None of the elements of matter pull you towards themselves, dothey?

When, through science, they have reached the stage where they are able to go beyond the pull of matter and the earth,it does not seem right that master almighty authority souls experience any difficulty in going beyond the attraction ofmatter, that is, beyond corporeal feelings and attain the stage of being avyakt and an almighty authority. A picturehas been created as a sample of a few of all those powers which are attained from the Father. Do you have a rightover all the powers received as an inheritance, that is, do you have all rights over your own property? So that you areable to make yourself successful through any particular power whenever you want? Just as you have full rights overany physical property that belongs to you and because it is your own property you are able to use it whenever youwant, in the same way, are you able to use the Godly property and whatever power you have whenever you want? Doyou have full rights over this property? This is known as being one who has full rights.

Constantly have mercy, that is, have good wishes and pure feelings for every soul. Whilst seeing every soul, youshould experience all those souls to be souls who surrender themselves in order to be loving and co觔perative to theFather at every moment. Why do they become instruments to surrender themselves in this way? Because Babasurrenders Himself to everyone. Have you surrendered yourself in service together with all powers to everyone? Have you become a great donor for everyone, a bestower who bestows your time, your happiness and your desires forattainment? Only those who follow the father in the same way, that is, only those who sacrifice any desire they havefor name, fame, regard and all attainments for themselves can be merciful towards others. Only the great donors whohave renounced any desire to receive anything can be merciful towards others. In the same way, those who giverespect to others should constantly be feeling respect for everyone. In order to be respectful to all, you have toconsider yourself to be everyone’s server. The definition of a server is very deep. To be a server doesn’t just mean tobe doing physical service, or service through words, service through contacts or service through the different facilitiesand instruments, but elevated service is to donate your every virtue and to make others virtuous and to colour otherswith your company. You should not look at the defects whilst seeing them; you should finish the defects of otherswith the power of your own virtues, that is, you should make weak ones powerful. You should not step away fromany weak ones or become tired of them, but through your own service, you can become one who is respectful to all.You can give respect to someone who is a hopeless case by stabilising yourself in your elevated stage of self訃espect.You have to create your fortune whilst giving regard to others through your own renunciation. Look at everyone,whether they are young or old, maharathis or infantry, with vision filled with respect. To make someone who doesn’tgive any respect into one who gives respect, to give a destination to someone who constantly rejects others, to makesomeone who constantly defames others into one who praises others is known as being respectful to all.

So, this year, two types of service in particular should take place. One is of making the self complete, and for this,you need to have everywhere methods for progress, facilities for yoga bhatthis and bhatthis for having dharna. In thesame way, have special programmes for different groups everywhere. Free everyone and give them the experience ofa bhatthi. Just as last year you had a programme for a yoga bhatthi, in the same way, there should be a bhatthi tomake yourself complete in both the subjects of remembrance and dharna. All of you together should create such aprogramme.

Second, the subject of world service. All centres have to create programmes in their areas, with great force, to giveBaba’s message to everyone. None of the places around you should be deprived of receiving Baba’s message.Because, otherwise, there would be a great burden on the instrument souls of those who have been deprived. This iswhy you have to become rulers of the globe. To be a great donor means you have to continue to move forward whilstgiving the great donation.

Each of you instrument souls must not just be an instrument for the two to four centres, but you have to be aninstrument to go around all the places in your zone. Continue to make others instruments like yourself and continueto move forward. Do not just stay at one place. So, this year, this is the special service you have to do whilst touringaround. Whilst giving Baba’s message and making others instruments like yourself, you have to give Baba’s messageto the entire world and also those around yourself. Now perform the task of creating hands. According to the time,because the speed of time is becoming fast, ready衫ade instrument souls can emerge easily as a practical result ofservice. You simply need to have the aim, the courage and the power of discrimination.

Just as there is the memorial of the previous kalpa, of how the Pandav shot the arrow and water emerged, that is, howthey made effort and the fruit emerged, so it is now the time for instant, practical fruit. It is now the season, and thetime is also blessed, and so you have to take the benefit of it. Renounce using time, facilities and wealth for your ownself, for only then will you be able to attain the fortune of instant, practical fruit. You will never receive success byhaving rest or by using for yourself something that has been donated for service. At the beginning of service, theyeven reduced their own food and used everything for service, and you are the practical, instant fruit of that. In thesame way, in the middle period, Baba and the drama gave you the experience of using all the facilities available foryour own selves. However, now, at the end, even though nature is your servant and you have all facilities, you mustuse them all for service and not for yourself. This is because now, as you progress further, many souls will surrenderto the maximum extent their facilities and wealth. However, you must never accept anything for yourself. To acceptsomething for yourself means to deprive yourself of an elevated status. Therefore, become such an embodiment ofrenunciation and make the instant fruit of service emerge. Do you understand? Now, present to Baba a bouquet ofheirs who are to become instruments and souls who are co觔perative in service. Only then will you be called worldbenefactors and so the ones who have a right to the kingdom of the world. You will receive a prize in this. Baba hasnot yet seen the result of the last time that He was to give a prize. Therefore, make effort this time and claim a doubleprize once again. Achcha.

To those who will themselves and claim a number ahead; to those who give instant, practical fruit; to those whoreveal the Father; to those who hoist the flag of the Shakti Army and the Pandav Army; to the souls who becomeinstruments to bring victory to BapDada in the whole world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be close and equal and thereby attain the reward of the first birth by having a stage that isunadulterated and free from obstacles.Those children who are close to the virtues and sanskars of the Father and experience the companionship and equalityin all relationships with the Father take the first birth and have a close relationship in the royal clan. Only those whohave been unadulterated and free from obstacles from the beginning will experience the first reward. To be free fromobstacles not only means that obstacles should not come, but it also means to be a destroyer of obstacles andvictorious over the obstacles that do come. If you have been all right in both these aspects from the beginning to theend, then you will be a companion in the first birth.

Slogan: With the power of silence, transform the negative into the positive.

BapDada meeting a group personally.

Do you experience in your life, at the present time, all the specialities of the memorial of the Pandavs that has beenremembered from the previous kalpa? What significance is there to the memorial in which the Pandavs melted on themountain? In which aspect did they melt themselves?

A memorial of a subtle aspect is always shown on a physical level. Just as the memorial of a living form is shown ina physical way, so too, in order to clarify the subtle aspects, a physical aspect is portrayed. Is it because of all theobstacles that come to you in your efforts whilst making yourself an embodiment of success, that you are not able tomake yourself into an embodiment of success? Or, is it that you don’t attain success because of the same sanskarsand nature, which are also referred to as your deep sanskars and nature, again and again? So, to melt such deepsanskars means to melt yourself, through which those who see you or come into contact with you realise that this soulhas melted himself. There is then success.

According to the drama, have you also given a return of whatever facilities you have attained in order to become aneasy yogi, an elevated yogi and an embodiment of success? You have the facility of having a very good atmosphere,so, in return, be co觔perative in making sure that you maintain a powerful atmosphere. Together with this, you havethe elevated company, and therefore, all those souls who come to attain their fortune should experience the greatnessof your company. This is the return. Everyone else should experience those souls to be coloured by your company.They will become elevated through the spiritual company and through your activities. So, with your stage of being akarma yogi and with your form of being an embodiment of all virtues, be an example for those who are still to come;become a means for them to receive attainment easily. Seeing the sample of your practical form, they should havespecial zeal and enthusiasm. You should constantly have this thought in every aspect of every task, before anypractical proof is given, you are the sample for that. Only when you have the aim of being a sample in every aspectwill you be able to become intense in your effort. Even though you may have facilities for rest and comfort, do notbecome one who loves to rest and be comfortable. Neither become one who loves to rest in your efforts; that is, donot become careless in your effort. Do not take advantage of the facilities of rest and comfort and make that anobstacle in your attainment for all time. You have to pay attention to this. If you accept any type of success orattainment now, then it will be reduced from the account of the future. You should renounce all facilities when youhave them. To renounce something even though you have attained it is real renunciation. If you haven’t attainedsomething that you renounce, that is a compulsion and not real renunciation. Do you pay this much attention toyourself, that is, do you understand the meaning of easy yoga; that you have to easily become a yogi soul whilsthaving all facilities? You should pay attention to every aspect and check whether something is being subtracted oradded to your account. Achcha.

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