English Avyakt Murli 14/04/73

14/04/73 Avyakt BapDada Revised: 13/06/94

With which thought are all of you sitting? Do all of you have one thought? Just as, at that moment, all of you had one thought, in the same way, stabilise yourself in the love of One. That is, in order to have a meeting with the One, you have to have the one pure thought of becoming bodiless. What can this one pure thought of everyone in a collective form do? No one should have any other thought. Since all of you are stabilised in one constant stage, tell Me, what wonders can the power of the pure thought of one second perform? Similarly, you have to practise creating one pure thought, that is, having a constant stage, in a collective way. Only then will the name of the Shakti Army be glorified in the world.

When they go onto the battlefield for battling, soldiers in all four directions on the one order start shooting at the sametime. If they do not surround everyone in all four directions, on the one order, at the same time, they cannot bevictorious. In the same way, when, on one signal, the spiritual army in a collective form stabilises in a constant stagein one second, then the drums of victory will be heard. Now see whether everyone in a collective form experiencesthe same thought and the same powerful stage. Or, are some stabilised in that stage whilst some are still busy in juststabilising themselves and others are busy in destroying their own obstacles. Would the drums of victory beat as theresult of this collective form?

The drums of victory will beat when all the thoughts of everyone are merged in one thought. So, do you have such astage? Will the iron­aged mountain be lifted by the fingers of a constant stage of only a few special souls, or will it belifted with everyone’s finger? The image that shows one finger of everyone is the symbol of one thought, onedirection and one constant stage of everyone within the gathering. So, today, BapDada is asking the children whenand how they will lift the iron­aged mountain. You have been told how, but when will it be lifted? (When You givethe order.) Are you ever­ ready in a constant stage? What order will Baba give? The order you will be given is tostabilise yourself in a constant stage within a second. Are you ever­ready to put such an order into practice? Thatsecond is a second for all time. It should not be that you stabilise yourself for one second and then come down again.

In order to enlighten non­gyani souls, you constantly have pure wishes and benevolent feelings and then try toenlighten them. In the same way, do you try to stabilise this divine gathering in a constant stage, and also to increasethe power of the gathering by using various methods with one another? Do you also make plans through whichvisions can be received of the image of this divine gathering in their constant stage? As long as the constant stage ofthis divine gathering is not revealed, the revelation of BapDada will not come close. Are you ever­ready to such anextent? You have kept the aim of being world benefactors, not of being an independent king. You will attain youraim by imbibing the qualifications. The responsibility of each Brahmin is not just to make the self constant, but to beco­operative in order to enable the entire gathering to be stabilised in a constant stage. Do not become happy justbecause you are all right by yourself, no.

If, within a selection or a necklace, even one bead is different, that necklace does not look beautiful. So too, thepower of the gathering is the speciality of this Godly knowledge. This is the difference between their knowledge ofthe soul and this Godly knowledge. There, they do not have the power of the gathering, but here, you do. So, it isthrough this speciality of Godly knowledge that this time has been remembered in the world throughout the kalpa.Where will the establishment of one religion, one kingdom and one direction take place? The speciality of theBrahmin gathering continues practically in the form of the deities.

This is why you are asked whether the speciality through which wonders are going to be performed, through whichyour name is to be glorified, through which revelation is to take place, through which the ordinary and alokik formsare to be revealed, is visible in a practical way. Are you ever­ready in this speciality? Are you ever­ready in the formof a gathering? The result of the previous kalpa is fixed anyway, but now remove the veil. All the brides are behind aveil. Now, let your faith take the practical form. In some cases, the corporeal form becomes the subtle form. To putthis into the corporeal form means to reveal the perfect form. The other day, you were told that transformation hastaken place in everyone, but that you now have to reveal the complete transformation. When you speak of yourself,you say: A lot of transformation has taken place, but even then… Why do you have to use the words, “but eventhen”? Even these words should be finished. Each one has a basic, main sanskar which you call nature; thereshouldn’t be the slightest trace of this remaining. At present, by saying this, you free yourself. When anythinghappens, you say: That was not my intention, but my nature and sanskars are like that. It was not like that. Is thiscalled the perfect nature?

The main sanskar of each one now, was the original sanskar. Only when you transform this will you become perfect.It is easy to transform the little mistakes, but the last effort is to transform your main sanskars. Only then will youcreate a constant stage within the gathering. Now, do you understand? It is easy to do this, is it not? It is easy tocopy. Is it easy or difficult to finish your own main sanskars and to copy the sanskars of BapDada? When you copythese, they will become real. All of you should be equal to the sanskars of BapDada. If each one becomes similar toBapDada, then the sanskars of BapDada will be visible in each one. So, who will be revealed? BapDada. It is saidon the path of bhakti: Wherever I look, I only see you. But here, wherever people look, whomsoever they see, theyshould only see the sanskars of BapDada. Is this difficult? You find it difficult when you use your own intellectinstead of following. Then you become trapped in the net of your own sanskars. Then you say: How can I freemyself? It is only when you are completely trapped that you make effort to come out. This is why it takes time and ittakes energy. When you continue to follow, then both your time and energy are saved and accumulated. In order tomake the difficult things easy, what lesson do you have to make firm and thereby attain success in your final effort?That which you were told about just now of following the father. This is the first lesson. However, it is the firstlesson that will bring about the final stage. Therefore, make this lesson firm. Do not forget it. Then you will becomefree from mistakes and constant for all time. Achcha.

To such intense effort­makers, to the elevated souls who always remain constant, to those who follow one directionand have deep love for only One, namaste.

Blessing: May you be an image who grants visions by being part of the gathering of those who are faithful and whofollow the one direction.Whilst keeping the specialities of one another in your awareness, have full faith in one another and see one another’sspecialities and you will all be visible as united whilst being many, and the gathering will also be united in the oneinstruction. If anyone tells you anything defamatory, then instead of supporting it, transform the form of the onerelating it. Finish the atmosphere of waste and have pure and benevolent feelings for everyone and you will becomean image who grants visions.Slogan: A Raj Rishi is one who does not have any attachment even in thought.

Class from Madhuban

Only those who have imbibed truth in their relationships, words and activities, and humility in their virtues can beBaba’s true helpers.

Each one of us children should check how much help we have been receiving from Baba and also how He has beenhelping us. Baba said: Just say “My Baba”, and not just a mustard seed, but a test as big as a mountain will becomelike cotton wool. Both Bap and Dada together are helping us in this aspect. We are Brahma Baba’s children and ShivBaba’s grandchildren, and so we receive a lot of love from Shiv Baba and also from Brahma Baba because he hasadopted us. Just think about how much help you have been receiving from the Mother and Father, from BapDada.Just count this. Baba has made us sit in His lap and made us belong to Him. Baba has given us nectar to drink andpurified us. As we continue to drink the nectar, the poison continues to be removed, the bitterness finishes, and webecome sweet. When you drink physical nectar, you enjoy its coolness, but imagine if you yourself were to becomeas cool as nectar. Baba gives you such nectar of knowledge that you become Baba’s sweet children. You also haveBaba’s help. If you did not receive Baba’s help, you could not move forward even one step. Firstly, we were alreadyin the dirt, and we did not consider ourselves worthy. Baba has now removed us from the dirt. Having given us thenectar of knowledge, Baba made us clean and pure, due to which we can now consider ourselves to be worthy.

Who can be worthy to come close to Baba? Those who have the desire to become pure inside and to be viceless andcomplete with all virtues. Baba helps those who have the courage to become the conquerors of Maya. They are theones who become worthy to come close. Then there is the desire to give the return to Baba, and that is of remaining ahelper in service. To be a helper means to give a return. For this, your inner attitude has to be very clean, and thenwhatever desires you have will be fulfilled, and whatever thoughts you have for your effort will also be fulfilled andyou will receive help. Whatever thought you have will take a practical form. Firstly, you receive a lot of help ineffort for the self. When you study well, you receive Baba’s help. The help you receive in your effort is differentfrom the help you receive in service. Baba selects the children who are His helpers and gives them a searchlight. Inorder to be a helper, you need to make the lesson of “Ha ji”, very firm, which is also called being obedient. Thereshould not be any kind of disobedience. Those who are even the slightest bit disobedient cannot be called obedient.In order to be a helper, you have to be as egoless as the father. In order to give a finger in service, in order to lend ahand, you have to have humility, honesty and purity. Let there be honesty in your relationships and words, andhumility in your virtues. However, the basis of honesty and humility is purity. The lack of purity does not allow youto imbibe humility. So, in order to be Baba’s helper, let these three qualities be ground into the soul in such a waythat they are not lacking even a little bit. You have to look inside yourself. Humility and purity both work bythemselves in order to prove the truth. Truth cannot be hidden. If you wish to prove the truth, you should have ahumble nature. Truth cannot be proved with stubbornness, but it will automatically be proved. With purity, thepower of yoga will work automatically. Without the power of yoga, we cannot imbibe purity. Purity helps us toforge a connection in yoga. Baba explains everything very clearly and also gives us help. But, in order to takebenefit from what Baba is explaining to us, let us not mix other things with it. Let there be honesty and intensity inour efforts and we will receive further help. True effort­makers receive even further help.

In order to be Baba’s helpers, be truly altruistic. Remain the embodiment of contentment and let there be nocomplaint about anyone, and let no one complain about you. Make sure that you are never a problem to the seniorsthroughout your whole life. Problems come and go. We are the ones who finish the problems of others. Imbibepower through having remembrance and take help.

Baba, in the form of the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, helps us a great deal. He is helping us a great deal withHis blessings and words. He is curing us by giving us an incognito searchlight. So, why should we not take the helpwhen we are receiving it? Now is the time to take it. Take it from Baba and continue to give it and you will receivefurther help. The lesson of “Ha ji” is very useful in this. Being faithful and honest is very useful for this. The morehonest you remain with Baba and with everyone, the more you become Baba’s helper. You have to claim thecertificate of being honest from the Father and from everyone. The virtue of being honest, that Baba has taught us,has great power merged in it. Our Baba is so sweet. Even whilst being everyone’s Baba, it emerges from everyone’sheart: My Baba; the One who belongs to everyone belongs to me, and He is special to me. He has given me specialhelp and made me a special helper. So why should Baba’s specialities not come in me?

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