English Avyakt Murli 15/07/73

03/10/94 Morning Murli Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 15/07/73

Do you love the stage of being silent and being beyond sound just as much as you love coming into sound? Do youfind both coming into sound and going beyond sound easy to the same extent, or do you find going beyond sounddifficult? In fact, because your original religion is of being the embodiment of peace, it should be extremely easy togo beyond sound. Whenever you receive a signal to go anywhere physically, you are able to do that in one second,then going and coming is experienced to be easy. In the same way, to go beyond the awareness of the body and tohave awareness in the intellect: would both of these be experienced just as easily? That is, are you able to do this inone second? To take the support of the body when you wish and to let go of the support of the body when you wishand to stabilise yourself in your bodiless stage? Do you have this experience whilst walking and moving around?Just as you have adopted the body, in the same way, to become detached from the body: do you have the sameexperience of both these stages? This experience is the basis of claiming the first number. Are you ready to take thefinal paper now or are you still preparing yourselves? Those who are to bring about destruction will accomplish theirtask on a signal, that is, the souls who will be responsible for destruction are so ever訃eady that, with a signal, theywill be able to begin their task in one second. So, are the souls who are to renew the world, that is, the souls who areinstrumental for the establishment, just as ever訃eady? Have you carried out the task of your establishment to thesame extent as those are to be responsible for destruction so that they receive a signal?

Just as the Yadav army have made their preparations with full force, in the same way, have the Pandav army made alltheir preparations and just waiting for the time? Are you ever訃eady to this extent? Just as a lighthouse and a power虐ouse are able to spread their light in one second in all four directions as soon as the switch is switched on, in thesame way, is the Pandav army able to become a lighthouse and a might虐ouse in one second to give all souls theblessing of light and might? Just as your physical vision is able to see in all four directions whilst you are sitting inone place, in the same way, are you able to use your third eye to take, not just the souls of Bharat, but the souls in allfour directions of the entire world, beyond with your vision in one second? Just as you are able to cast your vision ofyour physical eyes easily and naturally, in the same way, are you able to take souls beyond with a glance? It isremembered that when the third eye opened, destruction took place in one second. Establishment is connected withdestruction anyway. Together with the Father, the children have also been remembered. Is your third eye sopowerful that your vision can be cast far into the distance? Just as when your eyesight is weak, you are not able to seefar, in the same way, do you continually check the power of your third eye?

In order to make your third eye powerful, you only need pay attention to two main words. And it is due to the sametwo things that there can be a weakness in the third eye. What are they? What is the reason for the physical eyesbecoming weak? Having to make the brain work extra hard; it is those things. However, by having the two aspects inthe form of their essence, it becomes easy to pay attention. So, the two words that bring about weakness are:Attachment and the old nature. Some people are made weak by their old nature and some are made weak byattachment of some sort. These are the two main weaknesses. There is a lot of detail in this. Each of you has one oranother form of attachment, and each of you also still has to some percentage your old nature, numberwise. If thisnature and your attachment were to change, then the world would change. Because, when the world transformers arenot able to change themselves, how can they change the world?

Check yourself to see if there is any type of attachment: whether it is attachment in the form of thoughts or attachmentin relationships, attachment in your connections or attachment towards any of your specialities. If there is anyattachment to any of your specialities, then that attachment would also bring you into bondage; it would not allow youto become free from bondage. Attachment does not allow you to become bodiless and neither does it allow you tobecome a world benefactor. How can those who are trapped in their own attachments give the inheritance of muktiand jeevanmukti to the world? Those who have attachment can never become complete with all the powers. Thosewho have attachment will not become completely free from punishment and therefore, will not be saluted byDharamraj. Those who have attachment will have to salute Dharamraj and they also cannot claim the fortune of theperfect kingdom of the first birth. In the same way, those who are still living in the past cannot constantly andcompletely experience the new life and the new age. Because of not having the awareness of brotherhood towardsevery soul, their nature becomes an obstacle. All of you also know the details of this. But what do you have to donow? Merge the expansion of your life and become the same as the Father. There should not be any nature nor anyattachment. Since you have surrendered your body, mind and wealth to the Father, then having given it all to Baba,how can there be the words: my idea, my understanding or my nature? Is it still “mine”, or has the “mine” become”Yours”? Since you say, “Mine is Yours”, then has “my mind” finished? The mind and the body have been given intrust to Baba. They are not yours, are they? How can you say: My mind is mischievous? Have you still notrenounced the consciousness of “mine”? What would have the consciousness of “mine”? Monkeys. They maythemselves die, but their consciousness of “mine” will not die. This is why the artists have shown the mahavirs withthe symbol of a tail. They are mahavirs, but they definitely have a tail. So what is this tail? That of attachment and”my nature”. Until you set this tail on fire, Lanka cannot be burnt. So what is the sign of destruction? To set fire tothis tail. When the fire of love of all mahavirs is ablaze, then will this old world still remain? Therefore, now finishall types of attachment and nature.

Just as the souls responsible for destruction are desperate, in the same way, are you souls, who are responsible for thetask of establishment, just as desperate for world benefit? Are you creating new inventions for self貞ervice andservice of the world? Just as those people are creating inventions and making powerful weapons so that destructiontakes place instantly and easily, in the same way, are you, mahavirs, the inventors of the power of silence, creatingsuch plans that it only takes one second and becomes just as easy to transform the world and to give the inheritance ofmukti and jeevanmukti? So, with such refined inventions, you should be able to take souls beyond with a glance inone second; you should be able to make unhappy souls happy in one second, make weak souls powerful in one secondand give the experience of peace where there is peacelessness. Are you thinking of such refined spiritual weaponsand yuktis, so that in one second, their desperation finishes? Just as people will die in one second from the bombs, inthe same way, have you become such great donors and bestowers of blessings that you are able to give them blessingsand the great donation in one second? Have you become Kamdhenu who fulfills the desires of everyone’s mind?You, yourself, still do not have any desires, do you? If you yourself have any desires, then how would you becomeKamdhenu? There should not even be the desire for your own name or honour. Do you understand?

To such souls who take the world beyond in one second with their third eye; to those who take souls away frompeacelessness and sorrow in one second; to the souls who are beyond attachment and nature and so are able tostabilise themselves in the karmateet stage; to the souls who constantly lead a life of attainment of the inheritance ofmukti and jeevanmukti; to such souls who are liberated and are living a life of liberation, BapDada’s love,remembrances and namaste.

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