English Avyakt Murli 16/05/73

16/05/73 Avyakt BapDada Revised: 11/07/94

Do you experience yourselves to be complete and an embodiment of all the powers? What is the inheritance you have received from BapDada in this elevated birth? To claim a right to the inheritance means to claim a right to all the powers. Have you become master almighty authorities, the ones with all the powers, who have a right to all the powers? Since you have become master almighty authorities, do you constantly stay in the experience of being an embodiment of all attainments all the time, or is there a difference? In claiming a right to the inheritance, simply two aspects can finish any difference and enable you to stabilise yourself in that stage constantly. What are these two aspects? You know them and you are doing them, but you are not doing them constantly. One is to make your consciousness accurate and the other is to make your actions elevated. What are these two words? One is to maintaina constant connection to make your consciousness powerful; and, in order to perform elevated actions, you need to give yourself constant correction. Because of not constantly correcting your actions, you are not constantly able to stabilise yourself in the stage of being a master with all the powers and a master almighty authority. These two word sare very easy! This is why you have come here, is it not? Is it difficult to perform the task for which you have come?

Who would feel something to be difficult? Those who are weak. Why do they experience something to be difficult? Even whilst the connection is forged, they sometimes find things difficult. They find it difficult because they do notwork hard. They know it, they understand it, they even follow it, yet whilst moving along, they prefer to rest. Theyare not those who like BapDada, but those who like to rest. This is why, even whilst knowing everything, their stagebecomes like that. Therefore, those who prefer to rest cannot attain an elevated stage, similar to that of the Father, inperforming elevated actions. Therefore, give correction to your every thought and action and forge a connection withBapDada’s actions, and then check whether you have become equal to the Father or not. What is the last effort thatremains to be made by you elevated souls? Do you know the last question in the paper of the last stage? Those whoknow the question in advance would definitely pass, would they not? Do all of you know the last question in the finaltest paper? Even your bhagats know your last question. Even they speak about this. Your bhagats know this and youdon’t know! Have your bhagats become cleverer than you?

The bhagats know the result, from the previous kalpa, of you elevated souls, whereas you have forgotten the finalstage of your present effort. They hear of this last stage again and again. They even remember it and praise it. Youhave heard the knowledge of the Gita from the God of the Gita, and so what is the final stage that is described? (Tobe a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance.) The bhagats describe your stage, do they not?So what is the final question in the last paper? To what extent have you become an embodiment of remembrance andto what extent have you conquered attachment? This is the last question. In order to put this last question intopractice, you have to put these two words into practice. Now, since the question is being announced in advance,everyone of you will pass with honour, will you not? But even then, there will only be 108. Is it so difficult? Youare given this question on the first day. You are told the last question on the day you take spiritual birth.

So now, all of you elevated souls sitting here will pass, will you not? You were also told that, in order to pass, youhave to put the other meaning of the word “pass” (past) into practice. Whatever happened is the past. Will you notpass if you continue to move along whilst considering everything that has happened to be the past? Use the sameword “paas” in the Hindi language, then you are close, that is, you are with Baba. You are close to BapDada. So,keep the three forms of this one word in your awareness. The past has passed; you have to remain close and you haveto pass. So what will the result then be?

You will definitely become the beads of the rosary of victory that has been remembered as a memorial of thegathering. When BapDada constantly gives you children an invitation to stay with Him and to experience everydivine activity with Him, do you not accept such an invitation? Throughout the entire kalpa, souls have beenreceiving a variety of invitations from elevated souls and also from ordinary souls. If you do not accept this invitationnow, you can never receive it again. To accept the invitation means to keep yourself close to the Father. Is thisdifficult? You simply have to make sure you reach the place where the invitation came from. All the rest is theresponsibility of the One who has invited you. Therefore, to take yourself to the Father means to remain close to theFather with the intellect. Does this take effort? If, in today’s world, an ordinary person receives an invitation fromthe President to spend a day with him, what would he do? (He wouldn’t have the courage.) If he were inspired tohave the courage, what would he do? Would he delay himself? So, why do you not constantly accept Baba’sinvitation? Are there any strings which pull you? Are the children powerful or is the Father powerful? Who is themost powerful of all? No matter how powerful someone is, what attainment is there from that? On the basis of beingthe embodiment of experience of all attainments, does it seem right for Brahmin souls to be attracted to thatattraction? In what form has the influential Maya been shown to Brahmin souls and elevated souls? Do youexperience her to be a paper lion? Those who think that, for them, influential Maya is a paper lion, that is, a toy, raiseyour hand.

Have you not made Maya into a paper lion as yet? Has she not become lifeless? Those who put a decoration onthemselves will not be afraid, but others will be afraid of them. Is there any life in Maya? Does she sometimes comealive? Have you not made her unconscious yet? Has she become unconscious? Is she still alive? Have you madeher unconscious? Has she died for you? What stage has she reached for you? Has she died. Has she been burntaway. Has she become unconscious? There are three stages. For some, she has become unconscious; for some, shehas died, and for others, she has been burnt, that is, there is no name or trace left of her. So, each one of you shouldcheck yourself to see what stage you have reached. Instead of making her unconscious, you yourselves don’t becomeunconscious, do you? If the life¬≠giving herb is constantly with you, then you can never become unconscious. Thosewho make others unconscious can never become unconscious themselves. This is the duty of Brahmin life. Whatwas the promise you made before taking birth? You made the promise that you would become the conquerors ofMaya and the conquerors of the world, did you not? This has been your occupation from birth. Can the occupationyou have been carrying out from birth be difficult? Achcha.

To those who constantly remain conscious; to those who remain complete with all the powers; to those whoconstantly remain with BapDada; to those who constantly give their hand in Baba’s task; to the elevated souls whoare constantly co¬≠operative and constantly victorious, BapDada’s love, remembrances and namaste.

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