English Avyakt Murli 17/05/72

Avyakt BapDada 17th May 1972

Pandav Bhavan is called the fort of the Pandavas. The fort has been remembered. This Godly gathering is also a fort. The fort is the gathering. Just as a physical fort is made strong so that no enemy can attack it, there should be so much strength here that no enemy in the form of a vice can attack you. If an enemy does attack, there is definitely a weakness in the fort. The fort is of the gathering, and to strengthen it three things are essential. If all three things are strong then no enemy in any form can attack anyone inside the fort. Then no enemy will even have the courage to enter. What are those three things? Love, cleanliness, and spirituality. If all these three are strong, then nothing can attack you. If someone does attack then one thing or another is lacking – maybe love, maybe spirituality. In order to strengthen the fort of the gathering you must pay great attention to these three things. At every place these three things must be introduced with force. In a physical way, in order to purify the atmosphere, you freshen the air, and the atmosphere is changed for a while through that. In the same way you should apply pressure on these aspects to remove any effect on the atmosphere. This is the main thing to attract anyone. People are impressed by the love and cleanliness, but the third aspect – spirituality – is also most important.

In order to bring one another into a gathering, or to increase power in a gathering, you must bring these three things to one another’s attention. If any one aspect of the three is weak, there is definitely one weakness or another – therefore you ar unable to attain the success that you should. So you must pay a lot of attention to these things. The fort is strengthened through your coming together in a gathering. If even one brick or stone in a wall of a fort is not fully supporting it then that fort cannot be safe. If it moves even a little, there is a weakness. Although you would say that only one brick is weak, the weakness spreads is all four directions. So, in the same way, these three things are very essential for strength. Then, no vibration can even touch you. You pay less attention to yourself. Sakar Baba was visible from a distance as a lighthouse and a might- house. In the same way, where the strength of spirituality is there, anyone who enters will experience it to be a lighthouse and a might-house. Just as love and cleanliness are visible in the external form, in the same way spirituality and uniqueness should be visible externally. Then there will be the sound of victory. According to the drama, whatever is happening is accurate anyway, but there should also be the experience of being an embodiment of power. There should definitely be this spirituality.

This place is different from all other places. You can find love and cleanliness for a temporary period in other places in the world too, but there isn’t much spirituality elsewhere. A Godly task is being carried out here – it is not something ordinary. They should experience this when they come here. That will only happen when you stay in your spiritual intoxication, and aim at the target. Through your activity, your behaviour, your words, your attitude, the atmosphere, and the facilities, the revelation of the practical part of the Father should be found in the land on which he incarnated. Love and cleanliness can be practiced anywhere – it can influence even little places – but there should be the speciality of God having come onto Earth in the land where He performed action and carried out divine activities.

To attract someone towards you, you surround that one from all four directions. So, throw a net of points for bringing souls close to God. For this you must bring into close connection those who come into contact with you in this land. Only those who come into contact with you can come into a close relationship with you. In order for this sound to echo in their ears from all four directions, and for this atmosphere all around to give them power, three things are essential. Whatever has happened until now is good, but now everything should be the best of all. Achcha.

The wonder is to reveal the seed through the expansion. In the expansion, the Seed becomes incognito. Now it is the final stage of the tree. In the middle, the Seed is incognito, but it cannot remain incognito until the end. At the very end, after a great deal of expansion, the Seed is revealed. It is the nature of human souls to be attracted to variety, but you are instruments to draw the attention of souls away from the variety and expansion, and to enable them to be attracted to the Seed. Achcha.

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