English Avyakt Murli 20/02/74

20/02/74 Avyakt BapDada

Become constantly co-operative and easy yogis.

Just as there is praise of the Father, so too, there is also praise of the elevated souls who are constantly co- operative in Baba’s task and constantly loving to the Father. To be constantly co-operative means every thought and every breath should be used for Baba’s task. So, are you constantly co-operative and easy yogis to this extent? Because of especially being the residents of the land of blessings, you receive many types of co-operation as well as co-operation in your efforts. Your attitude and consciousness are co-operative in making you move forward in your efforts. Your consciousness is created on the basis of your company, and your attitude is created on the basis of the atmosphere and environment. For example, those who are engaged in earning physical wealth stay in that company throughout the day, and so the company influences their consciousness to such an extent that they even have that consciousness in their dreams. Therefore, from amrit vela until night, you have this elevated company, the pure atmosphere and the peaceful environment. When your company and atmosphere are both so elevated, your attitude and consciousness can become elevated. Since you have this golden chance within the drama, are you taking that much advantage of it?

Those living outside are like lotus flowers amidst the dirt, but you have the chance of becoming the spiritual roses who are even more elevated than the lotus flowers. A rose is specially used for worship, that is, it can be offered to the deities. The speciality of a lotus is remembered, but it cannot be offered to the deities. All of you are the roses that are offered to Baba. Just as a rose spreads its fragrance into the atmosphere, in the same way, are all of you those who spread the fragrance of your spirituality in all four directions? Is your task according to your name, your stage according to the place you are in, your attitude according to the atmosphere you are in and your consciousness according to the company? Why is there carelessness in this? The reason is that when you do not have recognition of the Father, there is no attainment. In the same way, at that moment, you do not have the recognition of the elevated fortune you have received. So, the reason for carelessness is lack of knowledge and lack of recognition. Therefore, now, according to the closeness of time, become the embodiment of complete knowledge, for only then will you experience the fruit of knowledge. Do you understand?

The fortress of the Pandavs is very well known. To make the fortress strong is the task of the Pandavs. If you yourselves are strong, the fortress becomes strong. What are the walls of the fortress? You yourselves are the walls. If even one brick or one stone moves in the wall or even if one crack is made in the wall, then the whole wall becomes weak. Are the storms of Maya or the earthquakes of Maya making the foundation shake or creating a crack? The fortress is strong, is it not? The fortress means the gathering. Since you are able to influence the world, are you not able to influence those who are close to you? Become easy yogis to such an extent that on seeing you, others are able to have yoga. The bossiness of one moment causes you to lose spirituality for the whole day, and so you should instantly move away from this. Do brothers have bossiness as a birthright? After all, all of you are souls! Love can only be created with the understanding of being a soul.

There, there will not be any bossiness in having the vision of brotherhood. That is an iron-aged birthright, not a Godly birthright. Do not see anyone as a sister or a brother, because accidents can take place even through this. Therefore, constantly see everyone as a soul. This is why you are made to practise this vision. The Pandavs melted from the awareness of being male. What is the meaning of melting with the body? It means to melt the consciousness of the body. The memorial of the Pandavs is that they all melted. When you melt gold, gold will remain gold, but its form will have changed. So, they melted, that is, their form changed. And so, finish bossiness. Achcha.

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