English Avyakt Murli 21/06/72

Avyakt BapDada 21st June 1972

Are you able to consider yourself to be a bodiless soul, separate from the body? Can you stabilise in the stage of soul consciousness within a second? That is, in a second, can you take the support of the physical organs to perform actions? And then, in a second, become detached from the physical organs? Do you have such practice?

You do not become trapped in bondage while performing any action, do you? While performing any action, are you able to become detached from the bondage of the action, or do you still come under the influence of the physical organs? Are you able to use your physical organs in the way that you want? Or, is it that you wish for one thing, and the physical organs do something else? Do you, as the creator, control the creation?

A living soul, a human being, is able to give whatever form he wants to a non-living thing, and is able to use it for anything, in the way that he wants: he is able to place it wherever he wants, as the non-living is under the control of the living. In the same way, is the living soul not able to use the organs in the desired way? Just as you are able to transform a non-living thing into any form, in the same way, are you not able to make the physical organs vice-less from vicious, and cool down the physical organs that are burning in the fire of the influence of vice? Does the living soul not have this power of transformation?

Are you not able to make your mischievous physical organs tolerant and easy-natured? Do you experience this much power in yourself? You are powerful souls, are you not? Have the fortunate souls also become powerful?Or are you fortunate simply because of the fortune of having become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris? You will not be able to become conquerors of Maya simply by being fortunate. As well as being fortunate, you also have to be powerful. Do you experience both of these?

The intoxication of being fortunate is imperishable. No one can destroy it. In the same way, have you claimed the blessing of beingpowerful from the Bestower of Blessings? Or do you still have to claim it? What do you think? You are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris anyway: that imperishable stamp has already been applied. Now, have you claimed the blessing of being powerful? Or do you still have to claim it?

Since you have become powerful, can the power of Maya attack you? This is the power of the Creator, and that is the power of creation. So, can weak ones have courage to attack brave ones? Even if they do; what would the result be? Who would be victorious? Those who are brave. Since the power of the Creator is great, how can Maya attack you? How can you be defeated by Maya? When you do not consider yourself to be powerful – or you do not stabilise yourself in a constantly powerful stage and awareness – then you are defeated. But where there is awareness, it is impossible to forget.

Just as it is impossible for it to be night during the day, so too, have you made yourself like that, or is this still possible? There will never be any attack of Maya. Have you developed such imperishable faith in the intellect? You should never even have any thought that Maya is able to

defeat you. Have you become like this? Or, if Maya comes now, will you battle and then gain victory? Now you have to finish this too.

Since you give the people of the world the message that very little time now remains, can you not use this little time remaining to finish the battling stage of the Moon Dynasty, and create the stage of the Sun Dynasty? To be in the Sun Dynasty means to have the stage of the Sun of Knowledge. What is the task of the Sun? The Sun is able to destroy everything. The Sun- Dynasty stage means to be able to destroy all the vices, and to have the stage of being constantly victorious. So, what stage do you now think you have? Are you the Sun Dynasty or the Moon Dynasty? If you have to give time to battling, it would be called the Moon Dynasty stage.

If, even now, you continue to give time to your own self.. then, when will you give all your time to world benefit by becoming the Father’s helper and a master world benefactor? What is the last stage? It is that of being a world benefactor. Now – day and night – try to use your every second and every thought for the task of world benefit and service. In a lokik way as well, when you become the creator of a lokik creation, then – by being the creator – instead of giving time to your own self, you use your time for the creation. You have this experience, do you not? If the creation is extremely sorrowful, or extremely ill, or extremely anxious, then the attention of the creators – the parents – is fully on that one, is it not? It is as though they have forgotten their own selves. That is a limited creation, but you are master creators of the unlimited world.

Previously, you gave time to yourselves. but the present stage is that of being master creators. It is not a question of just one or two. The souls of the entire world are unhappy, anxious, diseased, and distressed beggars. You have to become benefactors, and make the unlimited creation happy and peaceful. And so you should have the attention of being unlimited creators. Even now, a lot of time is being used for the self. Is your time spent in battling? Or do you also use your time for world benefit? Now, you should think that the little time remaining is for world benefit.

On the path of devotion, servers who have the attitude of being great donors and benefactors do not donate for themselves: they have thoughts for all other souls. So, this custom and system began with you elevated benefactor souls, and it also continues in devotion. It must definitely have happened in the practical form. That is why its memorial continues. Can a new memorial of what happens in the practical form be created? So, now bring about this transformation.

By being servers for others – or by using your time and thoughts for others, by being serviceable – you will automatically become constantly successful, because you automatically receive the return, in the form of the instant fruit of making all souls happy and peaceful. When you do service, the account of it accumulates, and you automatically receive the attainment of the instant fruit of service. So why should you not become constant servers? You will then progress automatically: you will not have to make effort for progress.

To give to others means to fill oneself. So, why do you take a separate time for your own progress? If you are able to carry out two tasks in the time taken for one – that is, if you have a double attainment – then why do you use your time for a single attainment?

Achcha. Throughout the whole day, how much time do you give to world benefit? What is the alokik birth of Brahmins for? It is for world benefit, is it not? Why do you not perform the actions for which you have taken birth? For instance – whichever clan you take birth into – your sanskars automatically become according to the sanskars of that clan. When a child takes birth in a labourer’s family, then – whatever he sees in his parents – the sanskars of that work automatically emerge in him from childhood. Since your birth is as a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, then the Father’s sanskars should automatically be the sanskars of the children.

You saw the father in a visible way — for what did he give the time of his sleep at night or the time of rest for his body? He gave it for the task of world benefit. He gave it for the benefit of all souls, and not for himself. Through words, he always spoke of world benefit. This is known as being a world benefactor. To give time to battling with obstacles in your mind, is also giving time to something wasteful, is it not? That is not said to be “necessary”, but “wasteful”. The father gave his useful time for world benefit, so if the children continue to use their time wastefully for themselves, would that be following the father? You have to become equal to the Father, do you not? So constantly check: Am I using, not just the maximum time, but all my time and thoughts, for world benefit?

What will those who constantly use their time and thoughts for world benefit become? World emperors. If you continue to use time for yourself, then how would you become a world emperor? In order to become a world emperor, become a world benefactor. When you become so busy, will you have waste thoughts? Waste will automatically finish, and you will constantly have powerful thoughts. Your time will constantly be used for world service. When you have this stage, then to give time to trivial things – or to waste the power of your intellect – seems like childish games, does it not?

In a worldly way too, creators are like a limited Brahma, and they also become like Vishnu, but not like Shankar. Those who stay in a limited stage become creators of waste thoughts, and they also become those who sustain, but they do not become destroyers,because they are stable in a limited stage.

If they remain stable in an unlimited stage, then – let alone the—things within the self – they would become destroyers, who are instruments to destroy the waste thoughts and sinful actions of the whole world. The last stage is that of being a destroyer. You can only become a destroyer when you become a benefactor. You have such a stage, do you not? You have now let go of the limited, have you not? Achcha.

To such elevated souls, who remain constantly stable in the awareness of being world benefactors, and who are engaged in the service of world benefit: namaste.

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