English Avyakt Murli 21/06/74

01/05/95 Avyakt BapDada 21/6/74

In order to have a booking for an elevated status, subtle checking is extremely essential.

Today, Baba was seeing the speciality of all the special and fortunate souls. Some do not even know their ownspeciality accurately. Some know their speciality, but they do not use it in action, whereas others know of theirspeciality, but they are not able to be stable in that speciality. They sometimes become special souls and sometimesordinary souls. There are only a few, only a handful out of the many souls of the Brahmin family, who know theirspeciality, maintain their speciality and use that speciality, that is, who constantly remain co觔perative with the yagyaby using their speciality. Such co觔perative souls are deeply loved by BapDada. Such souls are constantly simpleyogis and easy要atured yogis, easy yogis and natural yogis. From their form, you can very clearly see the intoxicationand happiness of being a close child of the Almighty Authority, that is, from their forehead, their eyes and their everyaction, you constantly experience the signs of their being complete with all attainments. Their intellect is constantlyengaged in their awareness of becoming the same as the Father. Every footstep of such souls is automatically inBapDada’s footstep.

Three main things were visible in such souls. What are they? The Trimurti衍oving souls who fulfil the responsibilityof all three relationships will be complete in three aspects. What would be their speciality in relationship with theFather? Always doing as the Father says (following the Father’s guidance). What would be their speciality inrelationship with the Teacher? Faithful and honest in following His teachings. And in relationship with the Satguru,they would be those who obey every direction. These three specialities would be clearly visible in such Trimurti衍oving souls. Now check yourself as to what percentage you have in all three. Out of the timetable of the whole day,are you able to see the specialities of all three relationships? You can know your result through this. Some aremoving along whilst being especially loving to the Father, or especially loving to the Teacher or the Satguru, but youhave to become one who has love for the three forms, the Trimurti. There has to be a pass mark percentage in allthree. If you pass with honour in one aspect and then claim low marks in the other two, then as a result, you will notbe able to become part of the group of close souls. Therefore, claim a good percentage in all three.

Since you are master almighty authorities, become an authority in finishing your wasteful thoughts. Since you callyourselves the children of the Almighty Authority, can you not become an authority in becoming victorious over yourown sanskars, nature and thoughts? Only an authority who maintains law and order over everything can rule akingdom with law and order. Before ruling the world, are you able to maintain law and order over yourself? If thesanskars of observing law and order are not visible now, you will not be able to rule the world in the future. Onlythose who observe the law can become those who give the law. To be weak in following orders and yet to have thehope of ruling is simply pleasing yourself. First of all, ask your own self: Are my thoughts under my law and order?Is my nature under law and order? If these are lawless, can you claim a right to being a master almighty authority?An almighty authority is never under the influence of anything outside. Have you become like this?

It is now the time for the effort衫akers to check themselves. If you are not able to check yourself at the time ofchecking, you will not be able to change your fortune. The more checking at a subtle level you carry out on yourself,the higher the status you are booking for yourself in the future. To carry out the checking means to make a booking.Do you do this? Or, will you want to make a booking when all the bookings have been done? Which is the mostelevated booking? Which is the seat of the eight jewels? Have you claimed the air苞onditioned seat? There areconditions for the air苞onditioned seat.

In an air苞onditioned environment, you can condition the air to your requirements as and when you want. In the sameway, if you are able to set yourself as, when and where you want, then you can claim an air苞onditioned seat. Haveyou accumulated all treasures for this? Which are all the treasures? All of you are clever in relating all the treasures.Just as you are clever in relating them, become just as clever in accumulating them. You need to have accumulatedall the treasures. If even one is missing, you will not be able to claim an air苞onditioned seat, and then you can onlycome in the first division. Now check your booking. At present, you still have a chance. What will you be able to dowhen your chance is finished? Therefore, the main effort needed now is to check yourself at every moment, in everyaspect, in every subject and in the speciality of every relationship. Do you understand? Achcha.

To such Trimurti衍oving souls, to souls who are trikaldarshi in terms of having knowledge of the self and of theworld; to those who carry out their subtle checking with their third eye; to the constantly co觔perative souls whoconstantly remain close to BapDada; to the special souls who constantly observe law and order, BapDada’s love,remembrances, good night and namaste.

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