English Avyakt Murli 21/07/73

10/10/94 Morning Murli Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada 21/07/73

Do you consider yourselves to be justices? Are you able to judge yourselves and other souls? Those judges simplyjudge words and actions, whereas you are also able to judge thoughts. Have you become such judges that you areable to discern and judge the thoughts of the self and other souls? Who can become such judges? Those whosepointer of the intellect is very stable. You are only able to judge with scales accurately when the pointer is absolutelystill, when the fluctuation has finished and both the scales are equal. In the same way, only those whose pointer of theyoga of the intellect is still, and whose intellect does not have any upheaval, those who have a stage that is free fromsinful thoughts, who have love and law in their words and actions and who have the balance of love and power, onlysuch judges are able to give an accurate judgment. Such souls are easily able to discern other souls. Do youexperience within yourself such a power to discern and judge?

If a lokik judge judges someone wrongly, he could waste that one birth of that person, or he could waste some time ofthat person, that is, he would become responsible in bringing a loss to that person in many different ways. However,if you spiritual judges are not able to discern someone, then you would become responsible for bringing a loss offortune for many births to that soul. Do you experience yourselves to have such a responsibility? Since you becomeinstrumental in bringing benefit to many souls, you become the instruments for many souls to celebrate a meetingwith the Father, then you should experience yourselves to have such a huge responsibility. If any desperate, thirstysoul comes in front of you, who is responsible for satisfying the thirst and hunger of that soul? The Father or you?The Father is the backbone, but the Pandav Army and the Shakti Army are the instruments. So, the souls who areinstruments have such a huge responsibility that they do not deprive any soul of any thing or any property: have youbecome such great donors and bestowers of blessings? Are you able to discern someone in one second? If someoneneeds peace and you show him the path to happiness (due to lacking the power to discern), then that person would notbe content. Therefore, only those who are able to discern what attainment each one wants are able to judgecompletely and accurately. What special qualification is needed to know the desires of each and every one throughwhich the pointer of the intellect would become stable? What is the special dharna through which there would be thebalance of love and law? (Everyone gave their ideas.) You have spoken many good things. The essence of this isthat only those who are themselves stabilised in a stage of being beyond desires are able to fulfil the desires of others.

If you yourself have any desires, you are not able to fulfil the desires of others. You can only have the stage of beingcompletely ignorant of the knowledge of desires, when you yourself are complete with all yuktis, knowledge­full andsuccessful, that is, when you are the embodiment of success. Those who themselves are not the embodiment ofsuccess are not able to make the thoughts of other souls successful. Therefore, those who are not yet complete willdefinitely have desires, because only when you become complete are you able to have the stage of being completelyignorant of the knowledge of any desires. When you are not lacking anything, such a stage is called the karmateetstage, that is, the angelic stage. Only souls who have such a stage are able to discern souls accurately and enablethem to attain something. Do you experience such a stage to be close to you or is this stage still very far away? Is itin front of you or is it close to you? Is it so close that if you wished, you could reach it instantly or are you bringing itclose to you? When the whistle or the clap for destruction sounds, you should be stabilised in your stage, as thoughyou have come close to your throne and all that remains is for you to sit on it, that is, as soon as the whistle blows,you sit on your seat.

There is the game of “musical chairs”. You continue to run and as soon as the whistle blows, you have to sit on achair. Anyone who has a chair wins and the one who doesn’t have a chair loses. This is also a game of musicalchairs. What do you think of this? There will be three claps. Therefore, do you think that you are ready to such anextent that you will be able to sit on your chair on the third clap? However, these three claps will be very quick; therewill not be a long time between each clap. So, have you made such preparations that you will be able to sit on thechair at the third clap? You have such a guarantee, do you not? If you say that you will try, then understand thatthere is still some doubt. Did you not sit on your seat a kalpa ago? To take any chair is not a big thing. Even thesubjects will receive a chair; the sixteen thousand receive a seat and even the nine hundred thousand will receive aseat. However, you constantly have to keep yourself ever­ready in order to claim the first seat. If the instrumentsreach the second stage, then where would those for whom you are the instruments reach? Therefore, those who aremoving along whilst considering themselves to be world benefactors should constantly be waiting for the clap or thewhistle. Only those who have made full preparations in advance will be able to wait for this. If you haven’t madeyour preparations, you cannot wait for this. To make all the preparations in advance is the sign of a maharathi or amahavir. So, in order to become ever­ready, check yourself from now.

Just as you are revising the course of the entire knowledge, in the same way, revise your chart of attainment and effortfrom the beginning. There are four main subjects in this. Keep all these four in front of you and see to whatpercentage you have passed in all four. Just as there are the four subjects: gyan, yoga, dharna of divine virtues andGodly service, in the same way, there are also the four relationships. Three relationships are very clear: The TrueFather, the True Teacher, and the Satguru; and the fourth relationship is that of the Bridegroom and the bride. This isalso a special relationship: it is a meeting, that is, the engagement of the soul with the Supreme Soul. Theserelationships make your efforts very easy. Just as there are the four subjects, in the same way, bring the fourrelationships in front of you, and on the basis of these four relationships, there are four main points of dharna. Inrelation to the Father, you have to be one who follows the orders of the Father. In relation to the Teacher, you have tobe honest; in relation to the Guru, you have to be obedient and in relation to the Bridegroom, you have to be faithful.So, revise these four relationships and the four points of dharna and then check yourself.

Together with this, also keep four slogans in your awareness. What are they? The slogan in relationship to the Fatheris: The son shows the Father, that is, become worthy and give the proof. The slogan in relation to the Teacher is: Youhave to study for as long as you live, that is, you have to study till the last moment. If this aim is strong, then youwould automatically have all attainments. And the slogan in terms of the Guru is: Wherever You seat me, howeverYou seat me, whatever You tell me, however You tell me, however You conduct me and however You put me tosleep. That is, I move along under Your orders. This is the slogan of the Satguru. What is the slogan for theBridegroom? I sit with You, I eat with You, I remain in Your company in every breath. This is the slogan for theBridegroom. Keep all these things in front of you and check your effort. Revise all these.

You also have to check: Have you been in a constant stage fulfilling all four relationships over a long period of timeor have they been broken in­ between? If there is a margin in­between, then anything that is broken again and again isweak. Now, check your life on the basis of these four and then revise them. By checking yourself in this way, youwill be able to discern for yourself what your attainment and your reward is; whether you are in the sun dynasty or themoon dynasty. And, even in the sun dynasty, whether you are in the royal family or whether you yourself willbecome an emperor or empress.

Now, since the time for the final paper is close, then, just as in lokik studies, all the subjects are revised and whilstrevising each subject, you make yourself complete in your weak subjects, in the same way, all of you have to reviseyour effort in this way. Baba is now telling you the method of how you can become your own judge. When youknow how to judge yourself easily, then you will be able to discern others. When you are complete with allattainments, you will enable others to have attainments. It is easy to check this, is it not? There shouldn’t be anythingmissing in any subject, any relationship, any dharna or any slogan.

Now, since the time for the result to be announced is coming close, finish your complaints before the result is out.You complain about your own self. You complain about yourself from amrit vela. Whilst you still have complaints,you are not going to be able to be complete. Therefore, become the master almighty authorities and complete all yourcomplaints. Now, there is still time for the last chance. Otherwise, the board of “Too late”, will be put up. Now,even for attainment, “a lot of time has passed and very little time remains”. Otherwise, the time for repentance willcome and you will not then be able to attain anything at the time of repentance. Therefore, the little time that nowremains is the chance that you have received, although it is on behalf of others. At least, it is a chance of some kind.So, to lose the chance or to take that chance: you can do whatever you want through your own effort. Therefore,revise everything from now. You have already been told how you have to revise and judge yourself. You have beentold the method, because by doing everything according to the right method, there will definitely be attainment.

Those who are extremely close to the perfect stage will have a certain intoxication in their thoughts, words andactions. What is that? Of course everyone has Godly intoxication. As the inheritance of Godly intoxication, youattained God’s lap and came into it. That is there anyway. But what is the special intoxication they would have?What intoxication will be in their thoughts and words? The intoxication they have is that whatever they are doing isalready guaranteed to be successful. It is not that they will think: It will be successful or it has to be successful, butthat it is already successful. There will be the intoxication, even in their thoughts, that their every thought isguaranteed to be successful. In their actions also, they will have the intoxication that success is merged in their everyaction like a shadow. Success is guaranteed in their words. Success is definitely going to follow me. Success cannotbe separated from me. When there is such intoxication in your every thought, word and action, then understand thatyou are extremely close. It should be like this, the law says this, the philosophy of karma says this and gyan also saysthis. This is a sign of being close. From this, judge for yourself whether you are extremely close, close or whether itis in front of you. These are the three stages, are they not? Achcha.

There is an upheaval of one thought in everyone: what is that? Of not knowing how long this meeting will continue.What is the response of this upheaval? You were told earlier also that a lot of time for attainment has gone by; only ashort time remains, and very little of that short time now remains. The time for attainment is very short and manysouls are yet to come, and so on their behalf, you have got a chance too. For such souls, even the Father is now tiedin a bondage. Therefore, since new jewels are coming and claiming their rights numberwise, as in the previous kalpa,then BapDada also has to come to give them their rights, does He not? Therefore, do not create any upheaval aboutnot knowing what is going to happen. But, in order to be given the experience of the avyakt meeting in an avyaktway, you are given a margin in­between every now and then. If the part of the avyakt meeting through the vyakt(corporeal form) were to come to an end, you have to be given time through which you could still experience theavyakt meeting through the avyakt stage. Until the final glorification of Baba takes place, the meeting of the Fatherand the children has to take place.

However, whether it is the avyakt meeting through the vyakt form or the avyakt meeting through the avyakt stage,there will be a meeting till the end, will there not? Therefore, such a time is to come whereby, if you do not have theavyakt meeting through the avyakt stage, you would be deprived of the beautiful experience of the meeting with theFather where you receive the blessing of all attainments and all powers. Both these meetings are taking placesimultaneously at present, but what will the final stage be? In order to enable you to make preparations for the laststage, the Father has to give you time and also teach you. Now, do you understand what is going to happen? Do notcreate a lot of upheaval now. When it is to happen, then those who remain in the avyakt stage will automatically hearthe sound, receive a touching, have a subtle thought, receive a telegram or a trunk call. Do you understand? Whenyour line is clear, you will be able to catch this signal. Only when you have the experience of the avyakt meeting willyou be able to recognise this and reach there. In­between, you are being given the chance to practise this. There isnothing to be afraid of. Do you understand? Achcha.

To such souls who are the embodiment of success, the embodiment of knowledge, complete with all powers,complete with all divine dharna, and who are yogyukt and yuktiyukt in thoughts and actions; to those who use thepower to discern for every soul; to the spiritual justices, the elevated souls, to the souls who are constantly the imageof a bestower of blessings, and to the souls who are the light of BapDada’s eyes, love, remembrances and namaste.

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