English Avyakt Murli 23/01/74

31/10/94 Morning Murli Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 23/01/74

Do you consider yourselves to be the warriors of the Shakti Army? Just as the name of your gathering is called the Shakti Army, in the same way, do you consider yourselves to be Shaktis? This name gives your introduction, because it is based on your activity. The Shakti Army means a gathering of the souls who have all powers. So the question arises: just as your name gives your introduction, so too, do you have the practical activity?

In order to be complete with all powers, constantly have the awareness of what the Father’s name is and what Hispraise is. Then, after that, check: Is the Father’s task also your task? If you do not do something which proves thename of the Father, then how would you glorify the Father’s name? Just think about the praise of the Father: He isthe Almighty Authority. Therefore, your form should also be the same; because you have to make your form thesame as that of the praise of the Father. If the Father is the Almighty Authority and the children are without anypower, if the Father is full of knowledge and the children are uneducated, would this seem right?

You have to check whether your every second is towards the stage of ascent. Instead of the stage of ascent, let therenot be the stopping stage for even one second, let alone the stage of descent. You are the guides. If the guides cometo the stopping stage or come to a halt, then the souls of the world, who are going to follow you, will also come to ahalt. If the engine stops, then all the carriages behing it would also stop. The souls of the world are behind you, andso the stopping, for even one second, of you souls is not an ordinary thing. Do you move along considering yourselfto have such a responsibility? Because of being at a special place, you are in everyone’s vision. So, when, accordingto the drama, you have the chance to play a special part at a special place, you should move along giving that muchimportance to your special part, should you not? If you do not give importance to yourself, then neither will othersgive you that much importance. This is why you must now recognise the importance of your part. You must now noteven have the thought that you do not have any responsibility. If others are able to have a contract on seeing you,then you are the ones who inspire them to have that contract are you not?

It is understood that if the preparations for establishment are lacking, how would the preparations for destruction takeplace? The two have a connection between them. To think that you will be ready on time is also wrong. If you donot have the practice of making preparations over a long period of time for facing the great destruction, then youwould not be able to be successful at that time. You need to practise this over a long period of time. Otherwise, whyhave you been given so many years to practise? It has a connection with a long period of time. This is why,according to the drama, you have been given a long time for making effort. In order to attain an attainment for a longperiod of time, you also need to make effort for a long period of time. Have you made such effort over a long periodof time? Should we order the great destruction from the scientists? It is a matter of just one second. As soon as theyreceive the signal, they will do it. Is the Shakti Army ready in the same way? It is a signal of just one second toconstantly be soul conscious. Do not become this for a temporary period, but for all time. Will you become soulconscious when you receive such a signal? Or, will you search for facilities at that time? Will you think of the pointsthen or will you try to stop yourself? Therefore, make such effort from now. The military receive orders suddenly.Make a programme for yourself and bring about progress for yourself by yourself. Do not take the support ofthinking that you will do something if a programme is made for it. “If a bhatthi is created, we will have a good threedays. We will receive the co¬≠operation of the gathering in this.” However, do not take even this support. Sometimes,you may receive co¬≠operation and sometimes you may not, but your practice should be of remaining completelyindependent.

It is good if you receive a chance, but even if you do not receive a chance, you should not move away from your ownpractice. It is a weakness to make the basis of a programme the means of your progress. You have been given aneternal programme. Why do you not remember that? You have to stay in a bhatthi at every moment. Achcha. To the souls who perform a task according to their name; to those who glorify the Father’s name; to those who remainready in one second on receiving an order; to those who make effort whilst being independent of everything else; tothe members of the spiritual army, BapDada’s love, remembrances and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting a group.

Just as you have your corporeal form constantly and easily in your awareness, in the same way, do you constantly andeasily have your incorporeal form in your awareness? Because of having a corporeal form, you are able to maintainthat awareness naturally; in the same way, having your incorporeal form, do you easily remember that form asbelonging to you? It is difficult to forget something when it belongs to you. With physical things also, whensomething belongs to you, you naturally remember that; you do not have to make effort to remember it. This too isyour original and eternal form; so why is it difficult to remember it? After knowing it, it should easily remain in yourawareness. You do know it now, do you not? Now, you should go into the depth of the practice of being theembodiment of this awareness.

Just as scientists go into the depth of everything and create new inventions, in the same way, you should go into thedepth of your eternal virtues and the sanskars of your original form. You speak of being the embodiment of bliss; sowhat is the stage of being that embodiment? What is the experience of that? What is the special attainment of beingthe embodiment of bliss? What is known as bliss? What is the visible effect of that stage on yourself and on othersouls? In this way, go into the depth of each virtue. Just as those people go so deep to the bottom of the ocean andthe deeper they go, the more things they find; so too, the more introverted and lost in yourself you remain, the moreyou will have many new experiences. You will feel yourself to be lost in that.

A fish, whilst living in the water, feels itself very much alive, because it has attachment to water. Even if it doescome out of the water for its own livelihood, it will come out for one second and then go back in, because it cannotstay without water. In the same way, the deep concern of each of you should be with the ocean of variousexperiences of your original form. Only become extroverted for the sake of carrying out a task; take the support ofthe physical organs, that is, stabilise yourself in the stage of having adopted a body, but the attachment and attractionshould be towards the ocean of experiences.

Physical things also give you the experience of their own taste, do they not? Everything gives an experience of itsown virtue and attracts you towards itself. Just as sugar cubes give the experience of sweetness, in the same way, youshould give the experience of the sweetness of your every virtue of your original form to all souls. Only then willsouls be attracted. So now, experience this and give others the same experience. Consider this to be your specialtask. Together with speaking about it, give the experience of every virtue. You will only be able to do that when youyourself are lost in this ocean; so do you constantly remain lost in this? Through this, you will easily become theembodiment of remembrance.

How can we remember Baba? Instead of asking this question, you should have another question: How can we forgetBaba? There should be this much transformation. At present, you have only had a little experience. You have onlytasted it. When you become absorbed in it, you will feel that you have eaten it and have also put it into your practicalform.

Now, there is a need to experience a lot more. When you become lost in this experience, trivial matters willautomatically move away from you, that is, they will bid farewell. Achcha.

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