English Avyakt Murli 23/01/75

Avyakt BapDada 23rd January 1975

Just as you know the importance of BapDada very well, do you know just as well the importance of the confluence-aged Brahmin birth, and of the elevated part of you, the elevated soul? Just as the Father is so great, in the same way, those souls who have a good connection – and who play a part with the Father at every step and in every divine activity – are also just as great.

By taking every step, whilst knowing this greatness very well, you automatically attain multimillions at every step: because everything depends on your awareness. Does your awareness remain constantly powerful and great? Or is it sometimes great, and sometimes ordinary? Whatever someone is, he always conducts himself whilst aware of who he is. It isn’t that he is sometimes aware, and sometimes unaware.

In the same way, since you are elevated Brahmins, since you are the most elevated souls of the world and the special actors, why does the awareness of the form of this last birth, of your position, and your occupation, sometimes remain special, and sometimes become ordinary? Why is there constant fluctuation? Do you know the reason for this? Since your original form and your birth are so elevated, why do you forget the greatness of your life and your birth?

You only forget when you have a temporary form in order to play your part. Because that is not your original form, there is always awareness and forgetfulness. But why do you forget here? Because of body consciousness. Why is there body consciousness? You have known about all these reasons for a long time, and yet, even whilst knowing this, you are not able to find a solution. This is because you lack power, or there isn’t that determination. You have even known about this for a long time, so why are you still not able to find a solution? Because of experiencing the same thing again and again, transformation should be easy and for all time, should it not?

In a worldly way, you can tell when there has been damage, and when the result hasn’t been good because of that. Once you have been deceived, you ensure that you look after yourself. You don’t allow yourself to be deceived again and again, do you? What happens because of body consciousness, or because of being under the influence of a particular weakness? You have experienced this many times. If you allow yourself to be deceived even after having experienced this, what can one say? It proves that you do not conduct yourself in the awareness of your greatness.

Why do you forget your greatness? What is the reason for this? It is because you do not set yourself on the seat of the stage of a destroyer of obstacles – one who finishes all situations – and on the seat of your original stage and position, which BapDada has given you at the confluence age. You get off your seat, and come down, again and again. By being seated on the seat, you are automatically able to maintain the awareness of your stage of self-respect.

In a lokik way too, when an ordinary soul receives a seat of some position, his self-respect increases, and he automatically stabilises himself in that stage of intoxication. In the same way, constantly remain on your seat and you will be able to maintain your self-respect in your awareness. Do you understand?

To get off the seat means to become forgetful, instead of having remembrance. Check that you remain on your elevated seat. By sitting on the seat, you are automatically able to transform your sanskars and actions. Do you understand?

Words of weakness are not the language of Brahmin souls. So, why do you use the language of shudras? You have the intoxication of your land and your language, do you not? Why do you forget your own language, and use someone else’s language? So, now, bring about this transformation.

First of all, check yourself and then speak. Set yourself on your seat, and then create thoughts and perform actions. By sitting on this seat, you automatically receive the blessing of being elevated. So, why do you let go of the seat that is blessed, and labour instead? Then, after labouring, you become tired and disheartened. Therefore, now adopt the easy method. Achcha.

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