English Avyakt Murli 26/06/74

15/05/95 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 26/6/74

Constantly remain stable in the spiritual intoxication of attaining complete success.

Today, Baba, the Sun of Knowledge, is seeing the line of fortune on the forehead of each star. In a lokik way, whenthe bhagats see someone’s horoscope from the hand, they look at four main things. Here also, four main things areseen from the forehead. Firstly, it is seen how clear and how unlimited the line of the intellect is. Secondly, it is seen,at every moment, to what extent you are imbibing the wealth of knowledge, to what extent you are free from theobstacles of the suffering of karma through the body, and to what extent, from the moment you died alive until now,you are free from obstacles in having a constant link of love through your mind. Thirdly, it is seen whether thelifespan of the awareness of your elevated Brahmin birth is long or short. If you continue to have remembrance, youare alive; if you keep forgetting, you reach the point of death. On the basis of this, you can tell whether your life­spanis long or short. Fourthly, it is seen, in your life of dying alive, to what extent you have been fortunate in terms oflove, relationships, connections and all powers. To what percentage has your line of fortune been unbroken? Towhat extent are you an embodiment of success, regular and punctual, in your study and earning? For how many soulshave you been a great donor, a bestower of blessings and a benefactor? That is, is your line of donating andperforming charity long or short? From all these things, Baba is seeing the present and the future of each star.

All of you can see and know the line of your fortune, but how? You will be able to know it clearly if you look at itwhilst being seated on BapDada’s heart­ throne, whilst having the tilak of awareness, and whilst stabilising yourself inthe stage of being knowledge­full and powerful. When you leave your position and look at yourself or others whilstbeing stable in the stage of Maya’s opposition, you are not able to see it so clearly. Which position is that? Which isyour own position in which all things are included? That of being a master almighty authority. By constantlyperforming every action whilst being stable in this position, you will go beyond every obstacle of Maya and becomecompletely free from obstacles. In the world, no one has the courage to oppose someone with authority. If theybecome slack in using their authority, any ordinary person would also feel free to oppose them, causing a disturbanceor creating obstacles. Here also, if you become slack in using the authority, powers and blessings you have attained,then Maya has the courage to oppose you. Maya then has the courage to interfere in your thoughts, words, actions,relationships and wealth. Because you come down from your position of authority and become ordinary, Mayadoesn’t leave you alone in any aspect.

Generally, any ordinary soul who attains temporary success maintains so much authority. Whether it is success in:constantly being free from illness, being able to control the elements, making a poor, unhappy and peaceless soulconstantly happy and wealthy with imperishable wealth, making a weak soul very strong, being able to stabilise andcontrol your thoughts as and how you wish, in one second, being able to control the five vices in the form of the greatevil spirits, being able to make those who are without sight trinetri, making souls who have become unconsciousthrough the distress of various circumstances, conscious, through your own stage; that is, giving them the donation oflife, showing the destination, once and for all, to souls who are wandering, increasing the life­span of many births,saving someone from untimely death, attaining the fortune of the kingdom, crown and throne, how much intoxicationshould be experienced by a soul who has attained all the powers of success through using the right method!

Why do you forget yourself? Instead of taking support from the Father, you step away from the Almighty Authority.If you leave the Boatman and look for another shore, that is, another destination, would you find it or would youwaste your time? BapDada feels mercy for such innocent and forgetful children. But for how long? As long as youwant or need to experience Baba’s mercy, you will not be able to be merciful towards others. Those who themselvestake cannot be bestowers, just as a beggar cannot make another beggar full. Yes, on the basis of some powers, theywould be able to create a temporary influence, but they would not be able to make someone else complete ineverything for all time. They can give an experience to the point where a soul would say, “it is good, it is good”, butthey cannot bring them to the stage of becoming completely ignorant of desire. When a soul just says that somethingis good, the desire for all attainments is not fulfilled.

Those who themselves have the desire to receive co­operation, love, courage, zeal and enthusiasm from the Fatherand other co­operative souls, or who take any kind of support, cannot be an instrument who is an image of support forall souls. A soul who is dependent on the elements, situations, people or material comforts cannot make another soulclaim all rights to everything. Therefore, know all your powers of success and use them. But just use them as aninstrument. Forget the consciousness of “I”, and on the basis of shrimat, use all your powers of success. If you useany of your powers of success with the consciousness of “I”, then what is the saying for that? “To use occult power isdangerous and causes a loss to the self”. That is, instead of claiming a high status, you experience punishment. If youare not a detached observer, then there is punishment. Therefore, constantly be an embodiment of awareness and anembodiment of the powers of success. Do you understand? Achcha.

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