English Avyakt Murli 28/06/73

Avyakt BapDada 28th June 1973

When the physical military receive a martial order to stand to attention somewhere in a second, if they took time to understand this order, what would the result be? Their plan for victory would not take practical shape. In the same way, the sign of those who are to become constantly victorious is that they can stop their thoughts in a second. You may be busy in carrying out some physical task, or in churning some knowledge, but, even at such a time, you have to stop yourself in a second.

Even when those people are running very fast, or they are involved in a tug-of-war, if they are told to stop, they stop. In the same way, if, at any time, you have any other thoughts – if, say, you are churning – and you have to stabilise yourself in a the seed stage, are you able to stop in a second? Just as you are able to use your physical senses, as and when you wish, in a second, have you claimed a right over your intellect and thoughts in the same way? Can you put a full stop when you want? Do you have this practice? Do you think you have the stage whereby, instead of going into expansion, you are able to put a full stop in a second?

When you go to get a driving licence, they deliberately make you speed up, before telling you to stop – before making you brake. You practice this, do you not? So, you have to practice making your intellect work, and then making it still. It would be said to be a wonder if you can stop the intellect at such a moment, in a second. A constantly victorious soul is one who has yuktiyukt (accurate)thoughts, words, and deeds, and who does not allow even one thought to go to waste. That will only happen when you have this practice. For instance, there may be some service where you have to claim total victory – so, at such a time, practice putting a stop.

Such a time will come when the whole haystack will be set ablaze. In order to save others from this fire, two main things are essential. When the fire of destruction is ablaze everywhere, the duty of you elevated souls at that time is to give the donation of peace – that is, give the power of success. After that, you have to fulfil the needs of everyone, whatever they need. At that time, each one will need a different power. Some will need the power to tolerate. Some will need the power to pack up. Some will need the power to take decisions. And others will need liberation. To fulfil the hopes of others, you need the power to make anxious souls peaceful in a second, by introducing them to the Father.

So, you have to accumulate these powers from now. Otherwise, how would you be able to give them a donation of life at that time? You will have to give all souls of the entire world the donation of the powers. You have to accumulate so much stock that, on the basis of the accumulated powers, you are able to continue by yourself, and also give to others. No one should be deprived. If even one soul is deprived, who would bear the burden? Those who have become the instruments to give the donation of life. So, check the stock of every power of yours. Those who have accumulated a stock of all powers are visible as the lucky stars, sparkling amidst the souls of the world. So now you have to have such checking.

From the time you waken up at amrit vela, you have to make yourself move on the rails of attention. A train would run well on the rails. You have responsibility for the whole world, not just for Bharat. Every action of elevated souls is great. So check: “throughout the day, did I speak any such words? Or did I have any thoughts in my mind, or perform any wrong deed?”. Let there be attention to every thought in advance. By being yogyukt (accurate in yoga ) , your thoughts, words, and deeds will automatically be yuktiyukt (accurate in method) . Achcha.

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