English Avyakt Murli 30/06/73

30/06/73 Avyakt BapDada Revised: 19/09/94

Which gathering is this gathering? Do you know the answer to this spiritual puzzle? Do you already know it or areyou still coming to know it? If you already know it, then, together with knowing it, you also have to accept it andfollow it. So, have you accepted it and are you following it? The first stage is to know, the second stage is to acceptand the third stage is to follow. So, what stage have you reached? Have you reached the last stage? Baba is askingthose who answered “yes”: Is the third stage an ever衍asting stage? It is easy to reach the third stage, and you havealready reached it. But now, underline the last stage and make it ever衍asting. “Who am I?” You know the differentnames and forms of this invaluable life, that is, of the most elevated life, do you not? What is your main form andyour main name? You praise the Father with different names on the basis of His different acts, but you still have amain name for Him, do you not? In the same way, the names of you elevated souls have also been remembered bythe Father on the basis of your different tasks and your virtues, but what is the main name out of all of those names?When you took birth through the mouth of Brahma, with which name did the Father name you? Until you firstbecome a Brahmin, you cannot become an instrument for any task. First, through the relationship of taking birth toBrahma, you become the mouth苑orn progeny of Brahma, that is, you become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. This iswhat you write as your surname. How do you introduce yourselves and what do people call you? Brahma Kumarsand Brahma Kumaris. The first stamp of this dying苔live life is that of being a Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari,that is, of being an elevated Brahmin.

First, you took birth, that is, you became a Brahmin and you received the name Brahmin, that is, of a Brahma Kumaror Kumari, which is ever衍asting up to the third stage. Is it ever衍asting, that is, is it according to the Brahmin stage inyour practical life in your thoughts, words, actions, relationships, connections and service? Not even the slightesttrace of being a shudra should be visible in your thoughts or your words. You have already been told what thethoughts, words, sanskars and nature of Brahmins are. Do you have an ever衍asting stage according to this? As aBrahmin, is your every action and every thought similar to father Brahma’s? As is the father, so are the children. Dothe children have the same nature, sanskars and thoughts as the father’s? Does the father have wasteful thoughts orcan he create weak thoughts? If the father does not have these thoughts, then why should the Brahmins? The fatheris constantly stable in an unshakeable, immovable and constant stage, and so what is the duty of the Brahmins, thechildren? What is the duty of worthy children? To follow the father.

To follow the father does not simply mean to become a Godly server, but to follow the father means to follow thefather at every step and in every thought. Are you following the father in this way? Just as the father constantly hasGodly sanskars, a divine nature, a divine attitude and spiritual vision, in the same way, have your attitude, vision,nature and sanskars become the same? Have you made your face one with such a Godly character? The face throughwhich the virtues and type of activities of the Father are revealed is said to be that of one who follows the father. Justas you sing praise of the Father, or speak of His activities, have you also imbibed all those virtues in yourself? Haveyou made your every action a divine activity? Do you perform every action whilst in remembrance? Actions whichare performed whilst in remembrance become a memorial. Have you become such an image which createsmemorials, that is, have you become a karma yogi? To be a karma yogi means that every action would be yogyukt,yuktiyukt and shaktiyukt. Have you become a karma yogi to this extent? Or, have you become yogis who just haveyoga whilst sitting? Is it that you have a yogi life when you sit for special meditation, that you are yogyukt then, or isit that you are yogyukt at all times? You speak of being a karma yogi, a natural yogi and an easy yogi; so are you these in a practical way? That is, is it ever衍asting? Do actions attract someone who is a karma yogi ordoes a yogi enable actions to be performed through his physical senses with the power of yoga? If a karma yogi isattracted by the actions, would such a soul be called a karma yogi? What would you call someone who moves alongunder the influence of actions? You would call him a karma bhogi, would you not? That is, he becomes one who isunder the influence of the consequence of the action, whether good or bad. You elevated souls are those who becomekarmateet, that is, you stabilise yourselves beyond the attraction of action. You speak of the last stage as thekarmateet stage, which is not dependent on action or bound by action either. Do you perform actions through yourphysical senses whilst being free? When anyone asks you what you are learning, or what are you going to learn, whatdo you answer? That you are going to learn easy knowledge and Raja Yoga. You are sure that this is what you arelearning, are you not? Since you call it easy knowledge, it is easy to imbibe and adopt something that is easy; this iswhy it is called easy knowledge, is it not? Since it is easy knowledge, then why should it be difficult to constantly bethe embodiment of knowledge? It is the task of Brahmins to constantly be the embodiment of knowledge.

It is natural to be stable in your own religion. In this way, what do you explain as the meaning of Raja Yoga? That itis the most elevated, that it is the king of all yogas, and that you attain a kingdom through it. That it is the yogathrough which you can become a king of kings. Are all of you Raja Yogis or are you going to attain a kingdom in thefuture? Are you a king even now at the confluence age, or will you become a king in the future only? How can thosewho do not claim a ruling status in the confluence age, claim a status in the golden age? So, just as you speak of themost elevated yoga, so too, you should also have the most elevated yogi life, should you not? First of all, have youbecome the king of your physical senses? How can someone who is not a king of himself become the king of theworld? Are your physical organs and the most elevated powers of the soul, which are the mind, the intellect and thesanskars, under your control? That is, are you ruling over them as a king? To be a Raja Yogi means to be one whorules a kingdom now. You imbibe the power and sanskars to rule a kingdom at this time. The inculcation for rulingfor the future twenty觔ne births takes place in a practical way at this time. Has easy knowledge and Raja Yoga cometo the third stage? Are you able to stop your thoughts the moment you issue an order for them to stop? When yougive a direction to your intellect to stabilise in pure thoughts, or in the avyakt stage or the seed stage, are you able tostabilise your intellect? Have you become such kings? Those who are such Raja Yogis are called those who arefollowing the father.

Just as a king has his co觔perative workers through whom he is able to get all his tasks carried out at whatever time hechooses, in the same way, the special powers of the confluence age are co觔perative with you. Just as a king ordershis co觔perative workers and tells them that a certain task has to be accomplished by a certain time, in the same way,do you also accomplish all the tasks through your powers or do you just issue an order? When you have to use thepower to face, do you step away? To be an easy yogi means that all the powers are co觔perative with you in everyway. Whenever you wish, through whomsoever you wish, are you able to carry out a task through them? Are yousuch a king? Just as eight or nine jewels are very well� known in the court of the ancient kings, that is, they areremembered as his constantly co觔perative souls, in the same way, are the eight powers constantly co觔perative withyou? Through this, you can know your future reward. This is the mirror through which you can see your face andyour character.

The six months you have been given is not the date for destruction. But this time has been given so that eachconfluence苔ged king is able to prepare his royal workers, that is, to prepare his constantly co觔perative powers and make them ever訃eady. Because, if you do not fill yourself with the sanskars of looking after a kingdom now, then, in the future also, you would not be able to become a king and rule for a long period of time. Do you understand the significance of six months? See every co觔perative power in front of you and stop your thoughts and see. Use your intellect according to your directions and then see. You have beengiven six months to rehearse this. Do you understand? Achcha. To those who are constantly the embodiment of easy knowledge, easy Raja Yoga, the easy yogis; to those who makeall the powers co觔perative; to those whose thoughts, sanskars and actions are like the father’s; to such confluence苔ged kings, love, remembrances and namaste from BapDada. Blessing: May you be the constantly immortal children of the Lord of Immortality Father who, together with paying attention to service, also pay attention to the self. At the confluence age, all children receive the special blessing of immortality from the immortal Father. However, the ones who can constantly remain immortal are:1. Those who, together with service, also pay full attention to the self.2. Those who are completely clear with BapDada and the instrument souls and can claim the blessing of immortality.

3. Those who mould their sanskars and do not come into conflict with the sanskars of anyone else. Slogan: To use the good qualities for the self and for others is to increase them.

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