English Avyakt Murli 02/09/75

23/10/95 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 02/09/75

Only those who are seated on the heart­throne can claim a right to the

golden­aged kingdom of the world.

Do all of you children consider yourselves to be seated on the trimurti throne? Today’s gathering is of those who areseated on the trimurti throne. Do you know your trimurti throne? One is the throne of the forehead of the soul whichis the immortal image. The second is the throne of the world, and the third is the most elevated heart­throne of theFather. Do you experience yourselves to be seated on all three thrones or do you only know about them? Are youjust an embodiment of knowledge or are you also an embodiment of experience? “I, the elevated soul, have beenseated on the these thrones many times” ­ do you experience the awareness of many times so clearly and easily asthough it is of the present time? Not that it is a matter of some time ago, but of the present time? Only those whohave this experience are extremely loved and are extremely close to BapDada.

The basis of all these thrones is to be seated on BapDada’s heart­throne. Do you know what the main method is forthis? It is an easy method. What is this method? Those who are themselves seated on the heart­throne know verywell which children are loved the most by BapDada. What do the people of the world know about the Father, aboutGod? That God is Truth. They consider the truth to be God. BapDada relates to you the story of the true Narayanand He establishes the land of truth. So, since the Father plays the practical part of being the true Father, the trueTeacher and the true Guru, what would He love the most? Honesty. Wherever there is honesty, that is, whereverthere is truth, as well as honesty there will definitely also be cleanliness there. It is also remembered: The Lord ispleased with an honest heart. Those who are seated on the heart­throne are definitely serviceable, but the sign ofthose who are serviceable is that they would have honesty and cleanliness in their relationships and connections; itwould be visible in their every thought and word. That is, every thought of such an elevated soul seated on the heart­throne would be truthful; their every word would be true. True means it would be filled with truth and true means itwould be successful, that is, any thought or word would not be ordinary or wasteful. They would be so serviceablethat, in their every step, at every moment in their vision, they would only see altruistic service for all souls. Whilstasleep they would be thinking of service, and whilst awake and as they move around, they would be doing service.Even in their dreams, they would not have anything apart from service. Only such serviceable souls who areunshakeable and tireless would be able to be seated on BapDada’s heart­throne. Do you now understand what theirsign is? It is guaranteed for such souls who are seated on the heart­throne to claim the throne of the kingdom of theworld. Just as you have to book a seat in advance, in the same way, the throne of the kingdom is fixed for kalpa afterkalpa.

There could never be any thought as to whether the children who make the elements subservient to them and whobecome victorious would claim a right to the kingdom of the world or not. The elements are constantly before andbehind you to serve you, their victorious masters, as your servants; they constantly salute you. At every moment, aservant would be in front of an elevated soul as his server. Are you able to see this elevated form of yours? At themoment, the elements are waiting for you in order to serve their masters. Even the ocean and the land are makingthemselves complete in order to serve the masters of the world. You are seeing their preparations, are you not? Thedevotees are invoking you with great force whilst worshipping gods, goddesses and Shaktis in the form of saligrams;they even renounce their most loved sleep and cry out loud whilst invoking you, wondering when their special deities,the bestowers of blessings, the great donor souls, will hear them. They wonder when their lack of attainment will befulfilled.

In the same way, because the time is now so close, together with the devotees, even the elements are now invokingyou and wondering when their satopradhan masters will be pleased with them. As soon as you begin to rule, theelements will adopt their satopradhan costume. Are you able to see and hear the elements and the devotees invokingyou?

Together with these two invoking you, from the other side, BapDada is also invoking you to you become equal andperfect and become an angel, a resident of the subtle region and return home with the Father. Do you wish to returnor are you enjoying the confluence age much more? Have you become ever­ready? Do you constantly remain stablein fulfilling this promise, “Wherever you place me, whichever role you place me in and for however long you keepme there: that you will do”. In how much time will the spiritual military receive the last order? It will be an order ofjust one second. You will not be given a warning an hour in advance, and this is why only eight jewels emerge. Youwill not be given your paper after the date has been fixed for it, that is, whatever the date fixed within the drama is,you will not be told about that fixed date or that moment in advance. You will just be given an approximation.However, the last paper will be of just one question and one second. This is why children have to be ever­ready.

At every moment, check whether you have become complete in having both the power to pack up and the power toface. You need to have the practice over a long period of time of using the practical power to pack up. Do not start topack up at the last moment; otherwise, your time would finish in just packing up. The task of packing up should thenhave been completed. Only then will you be able to fulfil the promise you have made: “Having one strength and onesupport, constantly eating with You, sitting with You, speaking to You and listening to You”. It shouldn’t be that foreight hours you speak and listen to Him and then for the rest of the time you spend in listening to souls. Yourpromise is of all the time; so do not try to be clever in this. As a lawyer, do not put in front of Baba the points thatBaba has given you. At amrit vela, many come to Baba as lawyers. You will not be able to practise being a lawyer inthe golden age. Therefore, do not cause so much mischief in front of BapDada. Instead of being a lawyer, be a judge. But a judge of what? Be your own judge, not of someone else. Having seen the unique games of the children atamrit vela, BapDada remains amused throughout the day. The pose and position of each one at that time is worthtaking a picture of. You use the weapons given to you by the Father against the Father: “You said this, gyan saysthis.” Baba just smiles and continues to observe your games. Instead of being warriors, become victorious, for onlythen will you be able to sit on the trimurti throne. Do you understand? Achcha.

To such victorious souls who constantly fulfil their promise; to the extremely loved souls who are close to BapDada;to the ones who make the elements their servant and also fulfil the desires of all souls; to such elevated souls,BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you constantly be loving and detached with the constant awareness of your original land and youroriginal form.The awareness of the incorporeal world and the incorporeal form constantly makes you loving and detached. I am aresident of the incorporeal world and have incarnated here for the sake of service. I do not belong to this land ofdeath, but am just an incarnation here. If you just remember this one small aspect, you would be able to remainbeyond. The carriage of those who do not consider themselves to be an incarnation, but instead consider themselvesto be householders, remains stuck in the mud. To be a householder means to have a stage that is a burden, whereas anincarnation is absolutely light. By considering yourself to be an incarnation, you will be able to remember youroriginal world and your original form and be able to remain beyond.

Slogan: A Brahmin is one who does everything according to the right method with great cleanliness.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *

Good wishes for the Diwali and the New Year.

(News in essence of Dadiji’s tour of the foreign countries.)

To the most loving souls who are constantly engaged in the service of bringing about world benefit; to those who willhoist Baba’s flag in the world; to all the Brahmins who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan and who belong tomost beloved BapDada, the Mother and Father; to the queens of light (Deep­rani) who belong to the King of Light(Deep­Raj), to the constantly lit living deepaks, together with sweet love­filled remembrance, also accept heartygreetings from Madhuban, the land of blessings.

This lovely festival has its own unique significance in the history of the yagya, because it was at this time that theyagya was founded and the original jewels took a new birth and totally surrendered themselves in order to do worldservice. We constantly give greetings to BapDada and the Dadis again and again for this alokik birthday, whilstexperiencing happiness and singing praise of our fortune because everyone continues to receive the canopy ofprotection and divine sustenance through their love. Tell me, whilst constantly experiencing such happiness, you areall constantly flying as the wandering yogis with wings of zeal and enthusiasm, are you not? I am sure all of youmust be very eager to hear the news of the tour of the foreign countries of our Dadiji who is the Dadi of the wholeworld, an image equal to BapDada, and her two holy swan companions, Mohiniben and Ishuben. Beloved BapDadadecorated this trimurti with blessings and suddenly sent them across the seven seas to visit ten countries abroad.Whilst there, there was no end to the happiness, zeal and enthusiasm of the Brahmin family, since this was the firstvisit this kalpa by Dadiji to some of the countries. This special trimurti was welcomed with great splendour. Manyclasses were given by Dadiji, many public programmes held, and many meetings with VIP souls took placethroughout the tour. In some countries, Dadiji was able to share Baba’s divine message during a personal meetingwith the President or Prime Minister there. Dadiji was interviewed by journalists as well as by T.V. and radiopresenters, and the main question asked by everyone was how Dadiji managed to remain so very light whilst beingthe head of so many centres. Another question put to Dadi was: What should be the qualities of an elevated leader?What aspects do you pay attention to whilst being a leader? While sharing her experience with them in simple words,Dadiji drew everyone’s attention towards sweet Baba and gave them His introduction in this way. Brahmins also hadvery entertaining questions. “Dadiji, what one type of service should we do through which the Kumbhakarnas ofBharat can be awakened and glorification can take place? When will Shri Krishna take birth? How much time do westill need? Will we be able to see Shri Krishna with these eyes? When will destruction take place? What will ourrole be at that time?” These were some of the questions from the Brahmins, and of course Dadiji satisfied everyonewith her answers based on BapDada’s versions and her own experience, and at the same time, gave inspiration andnew enthusiasm to everyone. Within this 28 day tour, they met thousands of souls. The furthest away, Chile andArgentina, were totally absorbed in bliss in having Dadi there with them personally. Whilst sharing the specialities ofeach place, Dadiji, Ishuben and Mohiniben again and again related how everyone just has one Baba in their heart, nomatter where they may be living or what they may be doing; how Baba selected souls from all corners of the world,even though they are from different countries, with different languages, and have been brought up with differentcultures; how Baba stamped the heart of each one with love. This was a scene to be witnessed. Day and night, theyjust have the one concern of doing Baba’s service, glorifying Baba and going to Madhuban to meet Baba.

Even whilst being so far away, they constantly have the experience of Baba being with them, with Madhuban and thefamily being close to them. Having witnessed such beautiful scenes, they all arrived in Bombay on the 16th ofOctober. On the 17th, there were welcoming programmes and sneh­milans with VIPs. In the evening, they arrived inAhmedabad. On the 18th, having stopped in­between at different centres, they arrived at Sangam Bhavan at AbuRoad and then Talheti. Of course, everyone was eagerly awaiting Dadiji’s arrival. A stage had been prepared,beautifully decorated with peacock feathers where a welcome took place again. At 7.00 pm in the evening, Dadijiarrived in Madhuban. The whole of Om Shanti Bhavan was colourfully decorated with flowers and fairy lights, flagshoisted everywhere. It was as though that day was the festival of Diwali! An image of a heart in the middle of theocean, with two swans with pearls in their beaks, had been beautifully created on stage. The welcome programmehere in Madhuban was no less: dances, poetry, music; in fact, anything you could think of. Dadiji shared some of theexperiences in essence. And then, on the 19th, there was another welcome programme in which Mohiniben andIshuben also shared their experiences of service in the foreign lands. Achcha.

Lots and lots of love and remembrances to everyone from Madhuban. Om shanti.

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