English Avyakt Murli 05/09/75

30/10/95 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 05/09/75

The stage of an angel

Do you constantly remain stable in the angelic stage? Within the light of the angelic stage, other souls are also able tosee the light. When the performance of limited actors is seen, then because of the lighting, they appear to be verybeautiful. What would it look like if those same actors played their parts in their ordinary lives under ordinary light?There would be the difference of day and night. The focus of the lighting completely transforms their features. In thesame way, by performing every act whilst within the light of the avyakt stage, what would all of you heroes andheroines of this unlimited drama look like? Alokik angels. Instead of corporeal beings, you would be seen asresidents of the subtle region. Even whilst being corporeal, you would be experienced as angelic beings. Each actwould automatically attract others.

Nowadays, the main attraction for iron苔ged people is the limited cinema or drama, and, even though they wish tostop this and not watch the film, the acting of those limited actors pulls them. The basis of that is light. In the sameway, at the end, after the extreme attraction of Maya, when the finale is reached, the unlimited hero actors who areconstantly stable in the zero貞tage and performing their part with the Zero胚ather, those who have a divine form oflight, those whose stage is light and whose every act is performed on the stage in the light, that is, those who aredouble衍ight angels; such souls will naturally attract other souls towards themselves. In today’s world, apart fromdramas, what else attracts people in the same way as the eyes of angels? T.V. Many are attracted to watch thevarious scenes of the world on T.V., that is, they come into the stage of descent through it. In the same way, the eyesof angels will work like a divine T.V. Similarly, the sparkling jewel on the forehead of angels will give other souls avision of their form of a lighthouse and might虐ouse and clearly show them the path to their elevated destination. Inthe same way, the yuktiyukt words of angels, that is, the invaluable words of angels will fill the aprons of everybeggar soul with jewels. There is the memorial that even the deities were so content with the devotees that theyshowered flowers on them. Just like that shower of flowers, you elevated souls will shower all the powers, all thevirtues and all blessings on all souls of the world. Only through this will everyone consider you to be the deities, thebestowers whom the devotees have been worshipping and praising from the copper age onwards. At the end, allsouls, but especially the residents of Bharat, whose number grows by the end of the deity religion, souls who do nottake sustenance from your deity form in the golden age, but later, from the time when this religion expands till theend, will experience your deity form, your form of a bestower and your form of a bestower of blessings. The sanskarsof attainment and the awareness of your final form of deities, bestowers, remain within all souls. Because of this,even though they do not actually go into the golden苔ged world, as soon as they come onto the world stage in thecopper age, the awareness of the attainment they received from the deity form reveals itself, and so they continue toworship and praise those deities. Do you now understand your final angelic form?

Would such unlimited actors not automatically attract others towards themselves? This double衍ight stage will revealall of you and the Father. Both Zero and heroes will be revealed. Do you understand? (The lights went out as Babawas speaking.) Just see, even now, so much happens through electricity. Even now, the foundation of that whichattracts all of you the most is light. Achcha.

To such souls who constantly play the hero part with the Zero; to those who constantly have the deity form of abestower; to those who reveal themselves and the Father to the world; to those who fulfil the desires of all souls of theworld; to such angels, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada who live in the world of angels and beyond theworld of angels.

Personal Group Meeting with BapDada.

Do all of you carry out your tasks whilst stabilised in a yogyukt and yuktiyukt stage? Because, according to thepresent time, your thoughts, words and deeds, all three, should be very yuktiyukt. Only then will you be able tobecome complete and perfect. The atmosphere all around should be very yogyukt and yuktiyukt. When soldiers on abattlefield are standing in front of their enemy, they pay so much attention to themselves and their weapons, that is, totheir powers. Now the time is coming close, and so consider this to be the time to come onto the battlefield. At sucha time, you need to pay attention to yourself to have all the powers within you at all times. If there is even a little lessattention, then, just as tension is increasing according to the time, in the same way, there will also be an influence ofthe atmosphere of tension on the spiritual Pandav army engaged in battle. Day by day, as the time for perfectioncomes closer, the tension in the world will increase even more; it will not decrease. One will experience life as beingpulled in all directions. On one side, there will be the damage and tension of the calamities of nature; on the secondside, there will be tension of the strict laws of the Government; on the third side, there will be tension of somethinglacking in relationships and on the fourth side, the feeling of happiness because of love and freedom you have withlokik relatives will also finish and there will be tension because of experiencing fear. All four types of tension willincrease in people. Souls will cry out and be very desperate with all types of tension. There will be tension whereverthey go. In the physical body also, when any muscle is pulled, it causes so much distress that the head feels pulledand under pressure. In the same way, this atmosphere will also increase. Because of no destination being visible, thefeeling will be of not knowing what to do. If they say yes, there is a pull and if they say no, there is still a pull. Therewill be difficulties when they are earning and difficulties when are not earning; difficulties if they accumulate anddifficulties if they don’t. Such an atmosphere will be created. At such a time, there should not be the slightestinfluence of this tension on the spiritual Pandav Army. There shouldn’t even be any problems of the self being underany type of tension. However, the atmosphere can very quickly influence a weak soul. There shouldn’t be theinfluence of thoughts of fear: What will happen? How will it happen? For this, from time to time, a special,programme for staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance should officially be sent from Madhuban through whichthe fortress of souls will remain very strong.

Nowadays, service is to increase a great deal. However, together with this expansion, you also need to be yuktiyukt.Not everyone nowadays comes to become a gyani soul. One quality is of souls who will become the same as theFather and become masters. So the first quality is to become like the Father, the second quality is of those who have arelationship with the Father, and the third quality are those who stay in contact with the Father and His service.Nowadays, there are more souls who simply come into connection and relationship, and very few who actuallybecome the embodiment. Not everyone who comes will be the same. Day by day, the number that increases will beof weak souls, that is, of souls who are to be subjects. They would only like one aspect, not two. They would nothave faith in every aspect. So you have to keep a connection with those in contact according to their needs. As thetimes become more and more delicate, then according to the problems, they will find it very difficult to be regularstudents. However, many, many souls will come into contact because this is the final time. So what will the finalposition be? Initially, there was a lot of zeal and enthusiasm; hardly any of them will have that. The majority will beof those who are in connection and contact. So you need to pay attention. It should not be that you are unable torecognise the souls in contact and thereby deprive them of even that contact. No one should return empty虐anded.Even if they are unable to follow the disciplines, they wish to have that loving contact; so you definitely have to payattention to those souls also.

You should be able to understand that they are a group of third quality souls and should be handled accordingly. So,according to the time, you need to make the atmosphere very powerful.

According to the time today, for Brahmin children, the day should not just be passed in an ordinary way, otherwisethat influence would increase. Therefore, all the children’s attention should be drawn especially to making theatmosphere powerful through the pilgrimage of remembrance. How will you be able to save yourself from theatmosphere of that world? What stage would you need? What stage would you call it when you are a yogi as well asa karma yogi? Special attention must now be paid to such points. Greater attention now has to be paid to the subjectof the pilgrimage of remembrance. At every centre, there should be one or another programme so that those whocome are able to fill themselves with power. At such times, they should also remain detached and face the problemsas detached observers. For this, the power of remembrance is needed. Create a programme of sharing points orclasses for each one’s safety and for making the Brahmins clever and cautious through which everyone can feel thatthey are receiving special light from the lighthouse of Madhuban. Achcha.

According to the drama, all activities are being carried out very well anyway. From the activities of the present time,the sanskars of ruling a kingdom are increasing, are they not? That is the royal throne and this is the royal seat. Youwill then sit on that throne as the ones who will rule. To be one who rules means to be one who has claimed allrights. You should not be subservient to any attraction or any suffering of karma or any physical organ. But youhave to become one who has all rights. At present, you have the royal seat. For yoga, you have a seat on which youstabilise yourself. A seat is for sitting on and for stabilising yourself. To stabilise yourself in a stage means to sit onyour seat. The more practice you have of sitting on the seat, the more practice you will have of being seated on theroyal throne. You are getting that practice now, are you not? It is becoming more and more natural. You don’t haveto do anything, but it just happens. Your nature has become like that. Just as when something has become yournature, it becomes natural to carry out that task, in the same way, this too should become your nature; the nature to beone who has all rights. The moment you have a thought to have yoga, you should be able to experience that instantly. As soon as you say Baba, you should experience the stage of yoga. This is the stage of closeness. In fact, you arealways seated on the seat. Just as someone sitting on a throne cannot forget that he is a king, in the same way, onewho is stabilised in this stage can never forget that he has all rights.

Are all of you accurate and yuktiyukt? Sometimes, some things happen, and they have to happen. How else wouldyour final paper come? These are also practical papers. These papers enable you to accumulate marks. Whilstaccumulating marks, you come into the list of those who pass with honour. Whatever happens is to enable you toaccumulate marks. You have to accumulate them in all aspects, not just in the subject of the pilgrimage ofremembrance; you have to accumulate marks in all four subjects. Only then will you pass with honour.

Success in every task is already guaranteed in advance; whether it is behind the curtains or in front of the curtains. Insome cases, the success is behind the curtain and in other cases, the success is visible. However, in both instances,there is success and revelation. For some time, there will be that which is incognito. It takes time for that which ishidden to become visible. Achcha.

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