English Avyakt Murli 11/02/75

Avyakt BapDada 11th February 1975

Do you experience, in your life at the present time, the specialities that the Pandavs have been remembered for, from the previous cycle? What is the significance of the memorial of the Pandavas having melted themselves on the mountain? In which aspect did they melt themselves?

Memorials of something subtle are shown in a physical form. Just as there are physical memorials of those who have been in the living form, in the same way, examples are given to clarify something subtle. Are you not able to make yourself an embodiment of success, because of the obstacles that come to the efforts of you effort-makers? Or, do you repeatedly experience a lack of success due to a particular nature or sanskar, which you refer to as your original sanskar or nature? To melt your original sanskars means to melt yourself, so that those who see you, or come into contact with you, feel that this soul has melted themselves. There is success in this.

According to the drama, you have received salvation to become an easy yogi, an elevated yogi and an embodiment of success. So, have you given just as much in return? You also have the salvation of the atmosphere. Therefore, in return, be co-operative in maintaining a powerful atmosphere. Together with that, you also have the salvation of elevated company , and so the souls that come to claim their fortune should also experience the greatness of your company. This is the return.

Everyone should experience you souls to be coloured by the company you keep. You will become elevated with spiritual company, and through your activities. Through your karma yogi stage, and your form of an image of virtues, become an example for souls who are to come, and a means for their easy attainment. Seeing the sample of your practical physical form, they should experience special zeal. You should always have the thought that you are a sample, in every situation and in every action, and before any practical proof. “I am a sample in every situation”: only when you have such an aim will you be able to make the speed of your efforts intense.

Although you may have received facilities for comfort, you must not become one who loves to comfort. To be one who does not love to rest in your efforts, means to not become careless. Do not make the advantage of a means of rest and comfort become an obstacle to your permanent attainment. Pay attention to this. If you accept any type of success or attainment here, it will then be reduced there. Renounce the facilities, although you have them. To renounce something when you have attained it is said to be true renunciation. When you do not have something and you say that you have renounced it, that is compulsion and not renunciation.

Do you pay this much attention to yourself? That is, do you understand that the meaning of easy yoga is to become a yogi through receiving facilities easily? Pay attention in every situation as to whether there is a minus or a plus. Achcha.

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